Inspur officially releases Yunzhou Industrial Internet Platform V4.0 to accelerate digital transformation

Recently, Inspur officially released Yunzhou Industrial Internet Platform V4.0 (hereinafter referred to as “Inspur Yunzhou 4.0”). Inspur Yunzhou 4.0 takes “connection security mechanism model” as the core capability and is driven by data, focusing on iteratively upgrading technologies in the fields of industrial digital twins, industrial mechanism models, industrial big data, industrial security, etc., relying on edge all-in-one machines and industrial data centers , industrial digital twins, industrial data intelligence, industrial security situational awareness and other software and hardware products, provide more real-time, smarter, and safer digital-real integration services, empower the digital development of enterprises, and drive industrial transformation and upgrading.

Compared with the previous generation of products, Inspur Yunzhou 4.0 has the following features:

Breakthrough in zero-code-based digital twin scene construction technology;

Model-based Compression and conversion realize one-click deployment of industrial mechanism models, which can meet millisecond-level invocation services at industrial sites;

·Industrial data processing capacity has been increased from TB level to PB level;

· The industrial security protection capability extends from the public cloud to the factory’s internal network, realizing overall security from the device access layer, infrastructure layer, platform layer to application and data layers.

Industrial digital twin products It is a new zero-code digital twin visualization product in the industrial field based on Inspur Yunzhou 4.0. This product integrates technologies such as industrial big data, Internet of Things, mechanism models, logo analysis, and industrial intelligence. Zero-code configuration delivery for the whole process of level-level visualized business scenarios, ready to use out of the box.

Industrial Data Intelligence ProductsBreakthrough in the visual arrangement and development technology of industrial models, integrating industrial mechanism knowledge, expert experience and machine learning algorithms, can complete the selection of operators for each node of the model through visual dragging and serial configuration. This product provides an integrated solution from data labeling, model development, model training, model evaluation, model management to model application, which can solve the pain points of difficult modeling, management and use in the field of industrial digitalization, and help enterprises fully Tap the potential value of data to help it reduce costs, increase efficiency and lean management.

Industrial data center The product is based on the design concept of “data collection, calculation and use”, and uses industrial big data as the engine to help industrial enterprises form global data assets. The middle platform adopts a micro-service architecture, based on cloud-native and cluster deployment methods, and adopts technologies such as multi-source heterogeneous data integration, zero-code distributed data governance, visualized and highly available data analysis, high-performance intelligent data operations, and industrial-grade data security. Help industrial enterprises manage master data and metadata, form enterprise-level or industry-level data standards, and then form global data assets to fully tap the value of enterprise data. This product has the advantages of a streamlined and flexible technical architecture, a scenario-based data asset system, an integrated data processing process, and heterogeneously compatible data integration specifications. Level.

Industrial Security Situational Awareness The product is a new high-performance big data intelligent security analysis product based on a distributed architecture. This product follows the principles of “integrated resource information sharing” and “unified architecture business collaboration”, relying on massive industrial Internet data, local traffic data, log alarm data and other third-party data, using big data, data fusion and other technologies to meet industry-level, To meet the needs of different levels such as group level and enterprise level, provide users with monitoring, evaluation, early warning, visualization and centralized response services of the internal security situation of the entire network, assist users in building an adaptive network security system, and discover internal potential threats and external networks in real time Intrusion threats can effectively improve network security situation monitoring, unknown threat perception, event emergency response, attack tracking and traceability, and help users grasp their own overall security situation efficiently and in real time.

In addition, Inspur Yunzhou It also provides a service market platform. The service market platform covers chemical, pharmaceutical, electronic information, equipment manufacturing, food, mining and other industries, bringing together research and development design, supply chain management, manufacturing, quality control, operation management, warehousing logistics, safety production , energy saving and emission reduction, operation and maintenance services and other industrial APPs, users can purchase on demand; Inspur Yunzhou’s operation and maintenance monitoring and operation management services can help park and enterprise users build platform operation and operation and maintenance capabilities, and realize platform refinement Operation and maintenance.

At present, Inspur Yunzhou has been selected as a national “double-span” industrial Internet platform for four consecutive years, empowering 27 industries or regional platforms, among which the Blue Ocean Industrial Internet Platform and the Orange Cloud Industrial Product Collaborative R&D Platform have been selected In 2022, a national-level “double-span” industrial Internet platform.

In the future, Inspur will continue to iterate the Yunzhou Industrial Internet Platform, a national-level “double-span” platform capability, gather a wider range of production factor resources, focus on new data elements, accelerate the promotion of platform applications, and accelerate empowerment The digital transformation and high-quality development of the manufacturing industry will help build a “manufacturing power” and “network power”.