“In this store, elementary school students come to eat with their homework”


hidden for 7 years,Longhua No. 1 in the district

Grandpa’s shop in Taiwan, China

is a “secret base” for nearby children

“Let’s go to Grandpa Muffin after class” span>

“A muffin + fairy tale book is also the happiest thing for big friends”

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Grandpa Muffin’s shop, hidden for 7 years

Belgium Liege Waffle

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Longhua has an inconspicuous but cute little shop, which has been in my favorites for 7 years, At present, it is still the Longhua District Bakery Dessert Top 1. Belgian Liege Muffins, a shop specializing in traditional muffins, everything is good, except that too many people come here, and there are always not enough seats.

span> Kids call me Muffin Grandpa< br/>

“Muffins, just looking at them can make people happy.”

A lovely shop, and the owner must be a lovely person. The owner, Uncle Xia, is from Taiwan, China. He came to Shenzhen 21 years ago and can make all kinds of cute muffins. He speaks in a gentle voice and always smiles.

Vintage Photo Wall< /strong>

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The store has been kept as it was when it opened, full of traces of history. The only thing that has changed is that there are more and more photos on the wall. The photos I took with my classmates 5 years ago almost disappeared Couldn’t find it.


20 + Style, Belgian Liege Waffle

Belgium Liege Waffle

The muffins are available in 20+ flavors, all from the 18th century Belgian eastern city of Liege, which is more solid than ordinary muffins , more chewy.

< /strong> Soul Recipe: Pearl Candy

The biggest feature is that it is made with low-temperature fermented dough and Belgian unique pearl sugar. After baking at high temperature for 3 minutes, a thin layer of crispy icing will be formed, which tastes very rich in milky flavor.

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The 3 favorite flavors of elementary school students

Belgium Liege Waffle< /span>

ONE Strawberry Whipped Cream Muffins

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Strawberry whipped cream muffins are the top of the store and a must when I was a kid. It is like a strawberry Christmas tree, and it is still gently shaking when it is brought to the table.

There is actually Uncle Xia’s homemade blueberry jam inside, very fruity,not too sweet, Perfect with Earl Grey.

TWO Marshmallow Chocolate Muffins


it It is also one of the children’s favorites. It was cute when it came to the table. The soft and glutinous roasted marshmallow + chocolate sauce looks very attractive as a whole.

THREE Cinnamon Frosting Pine Pie

When I grow up, more Love some cinnamon frosting muffins, simple, but fresh and not greasy.


The store also sells handmade jams and lollipops made by Grandpa Muffin. If there is a time machine, I really want to go back to my childhood.

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After school, I came here with my friends, shared a plate of muffins, and did my homework while eating, and the math problems seemed to become easier.

◎Belgium Liege Muffin Shop


< p>No. 2778, Longhua Avenue, Longhua District (Shop 1049, Jinxiu Jiangnan Phase IV)

[Business Hours] p>11:00-21:00

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