In the process of treating cancer, prescriptions are not simply piled up. Traditional Chinese medicine shares some commonly used medicine pairs.

Many cancer patients are in the advanced stage when they are first diagnosed. After surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, their overall condition is also very bad. Although the main lesions have been removed, the whole body is seriously damaged. Insufficient, the function of the spleen and stomach is seriously damaged, and there is fatigue and fatigue. Physical fatigue, loss of appetite, weight loss and other symptoms. Some patients even lost the opportunity for surgery and could only be treated conservatively.

For these patients, the treatment methods adopted by traditional Chinese medicine are mainly divided into two aspects:

The first consolidates the body and strengthens the resistance to pathogens. The ability to reduce the side effects of the body due to treatment.

The second point is to control the metastasis and recurrence of tumors, regulate the internal environment of the body, and adjust the balance of qi, blood, yin and yang of the viscera, so as to achieve survival with tumors, improve the quality of life, and prolong the survival period. Purpose. Distinguish the evil from the real and the false, attack the evil while supporting the righteous, and strive for the root cause in cancer treatment.

In the process of traditional Chinese medicine treatment, “drug pairs” are often used. Because cancer is complex, it is difficult for a single medicine to be effective. Therefore, according to syndrome differentiation, use specialized medicine pairs accurately. To enhance the effect of curative effect, there are corresponding drug pairs for different cancers. Let me share with you in detail for your reference.

1. Commonly used drugs for lung cancer

1. Astragalus with Codonopsis , Qi and righting. Astragalus is sweet in taste, slightly warm in nature, and returns to the spleen and lung meridians. “Compendium of Materia Medica” called “the long name for the supplement.” The power of invigorating qi is the best, and it is the longevity of tonic.

Codonopsis pilosula is flat in nature, sweet in taste, invigorating the spleen and invigorating qi, and should be used for sunburn, promoting fluid and quenching thirst. Lung cancer is commonly caused by deficiency of both qi and yin. Codonopsis has a moderate effect, not dry or greasy, and it can be used synergistically when used in combination with astragalus.

2. White mustard seeds and fritillary fritillary, warm and cold. White mustard seeds are acrid in taste, warm in nature, and return to the lung and stomach meridians. “Compendium of Materia Medica” states: “Benefits qi and removes phlegm, removes cold and warm, disperses swelling and relieves pain”. Zhe Fritillaria has a bitter taste, is cold in nature, and returns to the lung and heart meridians. “Supplement to the Compendium” contains: “detoxifies and removes phlegm, and promotes lung qi. It is suitable for those who have wind and fire in the lungs and phlegm.”

Lung cancer is the aggregation of evil toxins, which can hinder the qi movement, lack of body fluids, prolonged stagnation and heat, burning fluid into phlegm, and lungs as a storage device for phlegm. White mustard seed dispels phlegm and warms the lung, while Fritillaria fritillary removes phlegm and clears heat. Both of them warm and cold, and play a role in resolving phlegm, softening and firming, dispelling blood stasis and dissipating stagnation, and specializing in the treatment of invisible phlegm.

2. Commonly used medicines for gastric cancer

1. Corrugated seed with sea clam shell, nourishing Yin and softening . Corrugated seeds are salty in taste, flat in nature, and belong to the lung, stomach, and liver meridians. “Medical Forest Compilation” contains: “to remove all phlegm and blood accumulation, gas block, break and hide thin, attack scrofula”. Sea clam shells are salty in taste, cold in nature, and belong to the lung and stomach meridians. “Compendium of Materia Medica” contains: “clearing heat and removing dampness, resolving phlegm and drinking, eliminating accumulation”.

Gastric cancer patients often have symptoms of yin deficiency and fire before and after treatment. Sea clam shells and corrugated seeds, both of which are salty, flatten the kidneys, nourish yin and soften hard, so they are used for the symptoms of yin deficiency and fire. slap. Corrugated seeds are used for dispelling phlegm and dispelling stagnation, and calcined with acid for relieving pain.

2. Pinellia with Coptidis, hard work and hard work. Pinellia is pungent in taste, warm in nature, and returns to the spleen, stomach, and lung meridians. The “Secret Essentials of Indications” says: “Dry stomach dampness, resolve phlegm, benefit spleen and stomach qi, reduce swelling and disperse knots, and remove phlegm and salivation in the chest.” Coptis chinensis is bitter in taste, cold in nature, clearing heat and drying dampness, purging fire and detoxifying. The two are the prescriptions of Banxia Xiexin Decoction in Treatise on Febrile Diseases, and Banxia is the essential medicine for warming and resolving cold and phlegm, especially good at treating damp-phlegm in the viscera. The stomach likes moistening and hates dryness. Gastric disorders in gastric cancer. Coptis chinensis reduces bitterness, Pinellia sinensis is pungent, rises and falls, recovers dryness and heat, and both cold and heat coexist. Pinellia can relieve the bitter cold of Coptidis without hurting the stomach. Coptidis helps Pinellia to dry dampness without hurting Yin, and the effect is quite good.

III. Commonly used drugs for liver cancer

1. Three-edged with Curcuma curcuma to remove blood stasis and disperse knots. The power of transforming blood is better than Curcuma, and the power of regulating Qi is better than Curcuma. Sanleng, from the blood medicine to cure the blood, from the gas medicine to cure the qi. Curcuma curcuma eliminates accumulation and relieves pain. It can be used for food stagnation, whichever is used to strengthen the stomach. The two medicines are both acrid, and they are essential medicines for dispelling blood stasis.

2. Artemisia annua and turtle shells nourish yin and clear heat. Artemisia annua is bitter and pungent in taste, cold in nature, returns to the liver and gallbladder meridians, has a pungent fragrance and diffuses, and is good for clearing away heat pathogens in the liver and gallbladder. Turtle shell is sweet, salty, cold in nature, returns to the liver and kidney meridians, nourishes yin and subdues yang, softens firmness and disperses knots. In the late stage of liver cancer, emotional insufficiency, qi stagnation transforming into heat, yin fluid consumption, night heat and early coolness, heat subsides without sweating, Qinghao Biejia Decoction is mainly used for this.

4. Commonly used drugs for breast cancer

1. Curcuma curcuma L. with August sticks to regulate Qi and relieve pain . The incidence of breast cancer is related to the imbalance of the liver and spleen. The liver is responsible for dredging and venting, and it controls the qi movement of the whole body and regulates the flow of qi and blood in the breast. Qi and blood are shared by turmeric, which can move and disperse. It can not only activate blood, but also move qi. In August, it is used to bind vegetables to the liver and stomach, promoting blood circulation and relieving pain. The combination of the two medicines can enhance the power of regulating qi and relieving pain.

2.. Angelica sinensis with Chuanxiong, qi and blood together. Angelica nourishes blood, its qi is light and acrid, so it can also run blood. Chuanxiong is an essential medicine for gynecology. It has a wide range of effects and is suitable for various diseases of blood stasis. The two warm energy and blood, Gan can nourish blood, and Xin can disperse blood. The amount of Angelica should be twice that of Chuanxiong, so as to prevent Chuanxiong from rushing, and avoid too much damage to qi.

Traditional Chinese medicine can play a specific role in preventing tumor occurrence, enhancing efficacy and reducing toxicity in anti-tumor therapy, and reducing tumor recurrence and metastasis. Traditional Chinese medicine combined with chemotherapy can not only increase its sensitivity and improve the effect of chemotherapy, but also reduce the adverse reactions of chemotherapy, improve the cachexia state of cancer patients, and prolong the survival period.