In the morning, Ding Ding is ‘living’ by mucus, be vigilant and be careful with inflammation

Some men, before and after urination or defecation, the urethral opening will flow out of transparent mucus, because of this mucus, there will be more men who do not know this, so once you find this white mucus Feeling nervous and feeling like something is wrong. Generally, this mucus is prostatic fluid, not semen.

It is normal to secrete mucus after an erection

When men are sexually stimulated or have sex When thinking, the paraurethral glands usually secrete some fluid that flows out of the urethral opening, which is bright and sticky in color and has no distinct taste. After the sexual stimulation stops, the sexual excitement disappears or the sexual fantasy disappears, the glandular secretion stops temporarily, and there is no mucus flow out of the urethra. This situation is normal. Normal men have a similar situation, so don’t worry.

Ding Ding is ‘living’ with mucus in the morning, be vigilant and be careful of accompanying inflammation

After getting up in the morning, find The opening of the urethra is covered with a very thick secretion, and when this happens, there are no symptoms at all. Some people have burning, tingling, or other discomfort in their urethra when they urinate.

Generally, this is a symptom of a urinary tract infection or prostatitis. In general, it is necessary to further check for inflammation and, if necessary, bacterial cultures to determine whether bacterial and other microbial infections are present. In this case, if you go to andrology, the doctor will ask if there is unclean sex, because you need to know that men should also pay attention to self-protection.

Drip white with painful urination

Urinary burning is a symptom of inflammation of the urethra, which can cause the glands of the urethra The body secretion is strong, resulting in white dripping in the urethra, and the urine dripping white also needs to find out the reason. For example, whether the diet is very spicy, whether you drink too much, whether there is a sexual infection, and excessive stimulation of the diet will also stimulate glandular congestion, infection and excessive secretion, resulting in white urine dripping. Therefore, patients with urethral prostatitis must avoid eating spicy food. food.

Drip with perineal pain

The male perineum is located from the anus to the base of the penis. If the urine drips white, accompanied by discomfort or even pain, this is a common symptom of prostatitis, which often lasts for a long time. Some people also experience frequent urination and endless symptoms. If they sit for a long time, have irregular sex, and eat too spicy, they are prone to prostatitis. Therefore, as a man, it is also necessary to develop good living and eating habits.

What are the symptoms of prostatitis?

Prostatitis symptoms vary in severity, ranging from mild to mild. No obvious symptoms, severe general discomfort, typical symptoms of prostatitis are urination discomfort, posterior urethra, perineum, anus swelling, genitals, lower abdomen, radiating pain at the root of the thigh, sexual dysfunction, neurasthenia, etc.

1. Uncomfortable urination: The patient will feel bladder irritation, such as frequent urination. Burning of the urethra when urinating. Pain that radiates to the head of the penis. In the morning, there is mucus and other secretions from the urethra, and it is also difficult to urinate.

2. Local symptoms: the posterior urethra, the perineum and the anus are bulging and uncomfortable, squatting, defecation and long-term sitting, the pain is aggravated.

3. ​​Radiating pain: The pain of chronic prostatitis is not limited to the urethra and perineum, spermatic cord, testis, scrotum, lower abdomen, and thigh root.

4. Sexual dysfunction: chronic prostatitis can cause loss of libido and pain in ejaculation, premature ejaculation, affect semen quality, white urethra after urination or defecation, combined with seminal vesicles Blood essence during inflammation.

5. Other symptoms: chronic prostatitis may be accompanied by neurasthenia, fatigue, dizziness, insomnia, etc.; long-lasting prostatitis may even cause allergic reactions, conjunctivitis, Arthritis and other diseases.

Tips: If there is white urine, it is clear that there must be some problems, and then actively look for ways, don’t delay, or you will regret it.

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