In August, you must go to Hulunbuir once! Horse riding, off-road, this big loop is super hardcore

Hulunbuir, the most beautiful grassland in China! One of the four grasslands in the world!

There are the largest wetlands in Asia, 20,000 square kilometers of wetlands, more than 500 lakes, and more than 3,000 rivers, making this place a country.

In summer, this place becomes a green paradise, a natural green and pure land on earth! During the walk, every inch of skin is bathed in the fragrance of fragrant grass.

In the green ocean, it is surrounded by beautiful wildflowers, large tracts of rapeseed, tents, cattle, sheep and horses. Enter the fairy tale world.

Such an amazing place, no one does not like it, especially children, who have a dream of going to the prairie!

< span>And the grassland is not all of it. It is also connected to the most lush forest in China. Living here is as romantic as a fairy tale.

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There is a nation here, which has directly transitioned from primitive society to socialist society, and is still simple and kind.

There are also countless hidden villages with large grasslands and forests, and some of them have only a few families in the whole village. Here, you can meet the real paradise.

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And these are magnificent, beautiful, pristine or romantic,

It can all be connected by a moving self-driving route,

that is

Hulunbuir Great Ring Line

【Event Period】

July~August 31, 2022

Many people came to Hulunbuir

just in the scenic spot, taking pictures and riding horses

In fact, there are still many secret places here

Hidden in the boudoir, waiting for people to explore

This In summer, will take you to the most beautiful grassland

Experience a different self-driving tour

The Hulunbuir Prairie will definitely go, but I want to take you to Ergun.

This largest wetland in Asia has nourished countless creatures, water birds, elk, and is like an animal kingdom. The photoshoot is simply stunning!

< strong>When you get here, you can see “the first song in the world”, the Mozhigrad River.

It has many postures and graceful appearances. Perhaps only when you walk through it, you can understand what it means to be charming.

In the middle of Erguna, there is another desirable place called Mordaoga.

It is the greenest here in summer, as if it is covered with a gorgeous coat.

There is also the last “reindeer tribe” in China, for the local people, the reindeer is their transportation Tools are their friends again. No matter how noisy the outside world is, people here only stick to their traditions and their beliefs.

When I arrive in Hulunbuir, I will take you to see Shiwei.

This border town is the birthplace of the Mongolian people who once traversed Asia and Europe. From here, you can see the Russian town of Oroch, on the other side of the border.

here , you will meet the most beautiful grassland in Black Mountain.

On this vast grassland, people ride horses to graze, enjoying themselves and enjoying the unique and comfortable years of the grassland.

here also There is the most beautiful border city – Manzhouli.

Here, you can see the majestic national gate, and visit the fairy-tale Matryoshka Square and Mammoth Park. There are so many adventures waiting for you in this city.

Hulunbuir has too much too A lot of beautiful scenery!

It’s all amazing!

This summer

Let’s explore the beauty of the boudoir together!

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1. The temperature difference on the grassland is large, there are many mosquitoes, and the ultraviolet rays are also relatively strong. Everyone should pay attention to taking protective measures.

2. The crossing of the grassland is greatly affected by the weather. If it rains, it will not be able to cross into the depths of the grassland. Please understand.

3. Everyone who rides for the first time must humbly listen to the coach’s explanation. Although there is a horse trainer, you must pay attention to safety. Don’t wear bright clothes when riding to prevent the horse from being frightened, and keep your belongings safe.

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