In 2022, the blue book of the digital mental and mental health service industry will be released, and online digital diagnosis and treatment will heat up

(Reporter Shi Mengzhu of Health Times) Health Times, Arterial Network and Good Mood Internet Hospital jointly released the “2022 Blue Book of Digital Mental Health Service Industry”, showing that the new crown epidemic has brought significant psychological impact to the people, and psychological problems gradually On the rise, traditional offline diagnosis and treatment cannot fully meet the needs of psychological diagnosis and treatment. Under the epidemic, online digital psychological diagnosis and treatment has gradually increased, which has become a gap in psychological diagnosis and treatment.

The psychological predicament of the public and the offline diagnosis and treatment under the epidemic are far from satisfactory

During the period of lockdown at home, Ms. Zhang always felt bored and could not sleep at night. Late at night, the more irritable and restless, the mind wanders uncontrollably. She began to seek some psychological help online, such as some psychological tests, sleep radio, etc. After reading some psychological science popularization by experts, she felt much better.

During the epidemic, there are not a few people like Ms. Zhang. The “Blue Book of Digital Mental Health Service Industry in 2022” shows that the new crown epidemic has brought a significant psychological impact to the public. In the early stage of the outbreak, the public was in a general mass crisis, and symptoms of anxiety and depression were more prominent.

A psychological consultant told the Health Times reporter that since the epidemic, the number of psychological consultations has increased, with various degrees of Psychological confusion and emotional problems need timely scientific counseling and adjustment. However, offline psychological diagnosis and treatment is faced with many problems such as uneven resources and lack of talents.

In 2017, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security removed the psychological counselor certificate from the National Vocational Qualification Directory, and the psychological counseling industry lacks The scientific access standards and the level of practitioners vary. In addition, high-quality medical resources in psychiatry are insufficient. In 2019, a report on the basic standards of 300 county hospitals that met the standard announced by the National Health and Health Commission pointed out that currently only 41.5% and 22.8% of the pathology departments and psychiatry departments of county hospitals in my country meet the basic standard requirements. Except for science and psychiatry, other related departments can meet the requirements of 60% and above of the basic standard. Under the pressure of the epidemic, the diagnosis and treatment of mental and psychological diseases are facing greater challenges.

The combination of digital and offline diagnosis and treatment is the best way of psychotherapy

“The essence of digital medical care is based on evidence-based medicine, combining computerized and standardized medical treatment. The treatment methods and processes are used in the clinic to achieve the purpose of preventing, treating and managing diseases.” Cai Shushan, director of the Center for Psychology and Cognitive Sciences of Tsinghua University, told the Health Times reporter that the high efficiency and standardized performance of digital medical care have greatly improved clinical efficiency. , and to a certain extent alleviate the current shortage of professional talents.

According to the survey data in the “Blue Book”, in 2020 and 2021, the number of offline medical treatment visits in my country will drop significantly, while the number of online medical treatment users will increase significantly. As of December 2021, the number of online medical users in my country has reached 298 million, a year-on-year increase of 38.7%, showing a large growth trend.

In addition, in 2021, the patients on the online mental health service platform will tend to be younger, mainly those born in the 1980s and 2000s, and the proportion of women visiting doctors is higher than that of men, and the utilization rate of people in economically developed areas is higher. . Depression, anxiety disorder, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder are among the 4 types of diseases, and the patients who seek medical treatment are mainly young people aged 20-35.

Cai Shushan believes that digital psychological diagnosis and treatment has the characteristics of timeliness, extensiveness and privacy.

“The Internet and psychological counseling actually have innate genes for adaptation.” Cai Shushan said that mental and psychological diseases have two characteristics: long treatment period and high recurrence rate. For a variety of reasons, the patient’s compliance with treatment is insufficient, which in turn affects the treatment effect and increases the risk of recurrence. Therefore, continuous follow-up management and health intervention are very important for the treatment and rehabilitation of mental and psychological diseases.

However, in the development, there are also some issues that need to be paid attention to, such as information security protection, identification of medical qualifications, etc. Cai Shushan said, taking the online psychological diagnosis and treatment platform as an example, first of all, it is necessary to ensure that the online doctors and popular science content are true and reliable, which can effectively ensure the treatment effect of patients. At the same time, the data of these medical processes should also be strictly controlled Protection, so as not to cause secondary harm to patients due to information leakage.

“Exploring digital psychological diagnosis and treatment methods has become one of the most feasible directions.” Cai Shushan said that with the development of technology, digital psychological diagnosis and treatment will gradually integrate VR technology and holographic projection technology to further improve Presence of online consultation. AI assistant will realize 24-hour self-help answering questions. Big data algorithms will improve the accuracy of matching.

“This kind of digital psychological diagnosis and treatment cannot completely replace offline face-to-face diagnosis and treatment, because the delicate emotions and psychology of human beings are infinitely close to but cannot be surpassed by artificial intelligence. The combination of this kind of digitalization and offline diagnosis and treatment can only It is the best way of psychotherapy,” Cai Shushan said.