Immediately stop eating this sugar, it damages the liver and kidneys, and also changes DNA! Supermarket convenience stores are everywhere, don’t let future generations be ruined by it

sugar, I believe everyone is familiar with it. In addition to the common white sugar, brown sugar and rock sugar, there are also various candies with different tastes, such as milk candy, fruit candy, etc.

Sugar is a food that makes people feel good when eaten, and many people like it. However, there has been a problem with sugar recently, and many people have eaten it, so be careful!

This sugar damages the liver and kidneys, and can also change human DNA!

I don’t want to tell you guys, this kind of candy is skittles .

Recently, U.S. consumers filed a lawsuit against Mars in the California State Court, claiming that the skittle candy it produced contained excessive levels of titanium dioxide (E171). high.

In general, we It can be used in candy coatings, preserved fruits, jelly, chewing gum, unsweetened solid beverages and concentrated solid beverages, milk-containing beverages, puffed foods, candied fruit (words), jams, salad dressings, mayonnaise, etc. Titanium dioxide is found in white food.

If you are worried, you can look at the ingredient list of the food to avoid lightning.

says After skittles, let’s talk about the sugar itself.

Actually, sugar is not a good thing, it is much more harmful than you think.

Sugar is the “source of all diseases”< /strong>

A study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found: sugar intake was positively associated with overall cancer risk , in particular, significantly increases the risk of breast cancerrisk. Excessive sugar intake increases breast cancer risk by 47%(especially premenopausal breast cancer risk)< span>.

Eating sugar can also accelerate human aging. Once a person consumes too much sugar, the unconsumed sugar will combine with collagen, causing it to deteriorate, resulting in loose skin, prone to wrinkles and complexion Also yellow and dull.

In addition, sugar also destroys teeth, destroys skin, increases the risk of diabetes, heart disease and other diseases… It is simply the “source of all diseases”!

WHO surveyed the causes of death in 23 countries and concluded: Sugar addiction is more harmful than smoking.

Therefore, sugar control should also be put on the agenda and let everyone pay attention.

Be careful of “invisible sugar” on the road to control sugar

“Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents” pointed out that the daily sugar intake of adults should be controlled below 25 grams.

But some people usually don’t eat much sweets, but their sugar intake exceeds the standard. What’s going on?

That’s because, in addition to the obvious high-sugar foods such as ice cream, beverages, and cakes, there are some things that are not sweet, and also hide a lot of “invisible sugar”. ”, such as—

1. Nuts, mixed drinks

Nuts, oatmeal and other foods have a bland taste, so merchants usually add sugar to taste.

The Hong Kong Consumer Council has inspected the labels of cereal packages on the market and found that there are well-known brands The oatmeal granules contain 50 grams of sugar per 100 grams, which is quite amazing.

2. Yogurt, lactic acid drinks

for balance For the sour taste of yogurt and lactic acid drinks, merchants will add sugar in them. Some yogurts contain up to 25 grams of sugar per 100 grams.

3. Jerky, Jerky, Biscuits, Potato Chips

These foods are mainly salty, but in order to improve the taste, they actually put a lot of sugar in them.

A professional agency commissioned by the media to test, the results found that the unit sugar content of some beef jerky , almost in time for the jam.

4. Sauce

Ketchup, BBQ Juice, salad dressing, etc., are the “hardest hit areas” for sugar.

Seeing this, many people will wonder: “Invisible sugar is hidden so deeply, how do we know how much “hidden sugar” is in food?”

It’s very simple, look at the ingredients list. If sugar is high on the list, eat less.

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