Ignore these things and your prostatitis may get worse

Prostatitis, a disease that makes almost all men suffer , Exclusive for middle-aged and elderly people… These articles seem to have become the default labels for prostatitis.

But in fact, prostatitis is no longer “only for middle-aged and elderly people”, and more and more young people are also beginning to suffer from prostatitis. Even young people in their early 20s have begun to become the “main force” of prostatitis. So why does a strong young man get prostatitis? This actually has a lot to do with their living habits. The following lifestyle habits may not be noticed by everyone, but they are all “culprits” that damage the prostate:

1 , Sedentary

Sedentary men are more likely to develop prostatitis because when we sit for long periods of time , the blood circulation of the lower extremities will have problems, which can easily lead to prostate congestion. Long-term prostate congestion may lead to prostatitis. Therefore, office workers should not sit for a long time if they have the conditions. Normally, every 30 minutes of sitting, they should stand up and walk around and exercise their lower limbs, which can promote blood circulation and improve prostate congestion, which is helpful for preventing prostatitis. .

2. Frequent sex

Excessive sex life can also lead to prostatitis. This is also because in the state of sexual life, the prostate becomes congested due to excitement. If the prostate remains congested for a long time, it may lead to the onset of prostatitis. Therefore, if men want to prevent prostatitis, they must control their sexual life. Usually men under the age of 30 can be once a week, men between the ages of 30 and 40 can be once every two weeks, and men over the age of 50 are recommended to be once a month, which is a relatively healthy frequency of sexual life.

3. Smoking and drinking

Tobacco and alcohol are very stimulating to our human body. Many men with prostatitis have the habit of smoking and drinking, which will have a negative impact on our prevention of prostate diseases. Therefore, it is recommended that men who want to prevent prostatitis also have Patients with prostatitis should quit smoking and drinking. This is not only the protection of our body’s prostate, but also the protection of our life safety. We should keep in mind things like tobacco and alcohol injury.

4. Mental stress

50% of prostatitis patients with chronic pulmonary bacterial infection are related to excessive mental stress. Long-term anxiety, irritability and other adverse psychological conditions can also easily increase the risk of men suffering from prostatitis. Therefore, if you want to prevent prostatitis, you need to maintain a good, positive and optimistic attitude. You can go out for more walks, communicate with friends more, and ensure that you are in a good mood. It can also help us prevent the arrival of prostatitis to a certain extent.

5. Long stay up late

Staying up all night for a long time is a serious burden on the body. Over time, it will lead to a decline in immunity, and the body’s resistance to germs will be reduced. It is easy to cause bacterial infection and lead to prostatitis. Therefore, if you want to prevent prostatitis, you should ensure enough sleep, ensure eight hours of sleep every day, and try to sleep before eleven o’clock to prevent the decline of resistance due to staying up late, which will lead to prostatitis.

6. Excessive “hands”

Frequent use of hands can cause persistent, repeated engorgement of the prostate. This can lead to more severe prostatitis.

7, prefer “heavy mouth”

“Don’t leave the skewer without leaving the hand, the hot pot should not leave the mouth, and the food should be salty”, which refers to the eating habits of today’s young people. Spicy foods have a stimulating effect on the prostate and urethra, which can easily cause discomfort in the perineum, and often cause congestion and edema of the prostate and bladder.

Finally, I would like to remind male friends that men’s health must be paid attention to at ordinary times. Men should do some exercise properly, especially the health of the prostate gland. , It is very necessary to exercise to maintain it, and there is usually as little medicine as possible. If you must take medicine, you must not take medicines of unknown origin. For this organ, we should still focus on maintenance.