If you drink boiled water in the morning and before going to bed, the humidity will become heavier and heavier, and the kidney will rot into slag sooner or later.

Drinking water may seem simple, but it’s actually a “technical job”.

especially in spring Season, drinking water has become the main event.

However, if no Pay attention to some details, it is possible to “induce the upper body”!

Drink plain water like this in the morning,

< span>Stomach, kidney and heart!


Drinking water in the morning has many benefits: it can replenish the water lost at night, help reduce blood viscosity, and promote blood circulation.

However, these 3 Don’t make a mistake –


< span>The water is too cold

< span>Many people are accustomed to drinking cold water after getting up. When the weather is hot, some people simply have a glass of ice water.

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Big problem!

When I wake up, The temperature of the earth has not yet risen, and the state of the body has not been revived by the yang qi. Drinking cold water at this time will cause the qi and blood in the body to be unsmooth.

Just started drinking ice cold When I eat food, I don’t feel any discomfort in the stomach and intestines, but as time goes by or the age is getting older, it is easy to hurt the stomach gas, thereby reducing the body’s resistance.

Suggestions :The water temperature can be close to room temperature when it is hot, and a little higher when it is cold.

< span>2

Drink too much< /strong>

anyone else heard Drinking water is good in the morning, just hold the cup and fill it with water.


If too much Too much water enters the blood vessels, adding a burden to the heart.

Especially for people with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, drinking too much water at once will easily lead to the “strike” of the heart.

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In addition, drinking too much water at this time will dilute the stomach acid, which is not conducive to digestion and increases the burden on the kidneys.

Suggestions : GeneralDrink no more than 150ml of water on an empty stomach, about half a cup, or a dozen sips Can; do not slam water, drink a small sip.

< span>3

Add various “materials” to plain water

Many people like to add various ingredients to boiled water, euphemistically called “health”.

For example, it has been circulating Drinking salt water is good for health, and many people like to have a glass of salt water in the morning.

In fact, drinking salt water in the morning can actually increase your salt intake unnecessarily!

in the daily diet ,95% of the salt is metabolized by the kidneys. Eating too much salt increases the burden on the kidneys.

According to the recommendations of the dietary guidelines for Chinese residents, adults should not consume more than 6 grams of salt per day (about the amount of a beer cover); children are even less, not more than 3 grams.

If you drink like this, the amount of salt in the morning alone has exceeded the standard!

So, don’t A variety of ingredients are added to the water, and warm water is the best choice.

Don’t drink water like this before bed, moisture will catch you

It is not only important to drink water in the morning, but also in the evening.

Specifically, Drinking water before bed has these benefits:Helps prevent nighttime blood viscosity build-up; prevents uric acid from developing during prolonged sleep Concentrated, the content of uric acid increases; for diabetics, it is also beneficial to control blood sugar.

However, before bed If you want to drink a glass of “healthy water”, don’t make these 3 mistakes——


Drinking too much

Many people always feel swollen and heavy when they wake up.

Think about it, Did you drink too much water before bed?

Especially some edema People with physical constitution, if you drink too much water, your face will be swollen the next day!

Source: Yitu.com

And for some body fat for people,Drinking too much water can also contribute to dampness.

These fat people are often Can’t find the reason for being fat, which is commonly known as “drinking cold water makes you fat”. At this time, we must consider the humidity.

If you have If the moisture is heavy, the ability of the spleen and stomach to convert water into “body fluid” will be weakened, and the body’s ability to “drain” will be weakened. If you need to drink more water at this time, the body will be wet Heavier qi will in turn affect the spleen and stomach.

In this case, the key to solving the problem lies in regulating the spleen and stomach and removing dampness.

Suggestions : The general population should not add more than 200ml of water before going to bed; people with edema constitution and “drinking cold water are fat”, it should be less, not more than 150ml.


Drinking too late

It is best for everyone to drink water a little in advance, otherwise you will wake up frequently at night and affect your sleep.

Suggestions :Drinking water within 1-2 hours before going to bed can avoid frequent waking up at night.

< span>3

Both types of people are better off drinking less< /span>

< span>Patients with heart failure and particularly severe kidney disease, drink as little water as possible before going to bed to avoid aggravating the condition. If you are really thirsty, you can take a sip or two of water.

After talking about the morning Precautions for drinking water before going to bed, let’s talk about the small problems of drinking water in daily life——


4 little questions about drinking water, said at a time Clear

< /p>

< span>1

Drinking water without brushing your teeth in the morning is equivalent to eating bacteria?

There are up to 700 kinds of parasitic bacteria in our mouths, but as long as the overall number is controlled within the normal range, there is no need to worry.

Moreover, the bacteria Very “stubborn” and won’t be taken away so easily when drinking water. Even if there is a bit of it, they won’t live long after drinking it in the stomach.

More importantly , the plaque attached to the teeth can only be destroyed by physical action (brushing and friction), and the friction caused by drinking water is basically negligible.

Source: OneMap


< span>Drinking 8 glasses of water a day?


According to the recommendations of the dietary guidelines for Chinese residents,adults are recommended to drink 1500ml~1700ml of water every day.In addition, in summer, exercise Drink more water when you sweat a lot, etc.

The cups are big or small. If you use “8 cups of water” as a general limit, then some people must drink enough, and some people drink too much.


How do I know if I’m drinking enough water? span>

If you are too lazy to count how many milliliters you drink, Teach you a simple way: Look at the color of your urine!

Urine that is very pale yellow or nearly colorless is not dehydrated. p>

It is probably this color▼< /p>

If you drink very little water, the color will be very dark▼

Source: Homemade by Family Physician

< span>4

As soon as you drink water, Urine, is the kidney bad?

It is very likely that when you drink water, your body is not too short of water; or the air conditioner is turned on low, sweating less, and most of the work of water excretion is handed over to the kidneys, and urine comes naturally.

However, if not only If you want to urinate after drinking water, and usually want to urinate at every move, if you urinate more than 8 times a day, it may be frequent urination. It is best to go to the hospital for a look.