If you don’t take good care of yourself in the spring, it will go against the spirit of spring.

Spring is the beginning of the year, with the growth of yang energy and the recovery of all things. The natural world presents a vibrant scene. Chinese medicine believes that human beings and nature are an organic whole, and it is necessary to be in harmony with the four seasons. Spring is the wood of the five elements, and the liver is also the wood of the five internal organs. Liver qi is strong in spring, and nourishing the liver in spring is particularly important for health preservation and disease prevention. “Inner Meridian Walking Bugs: Four Qi Regulating the Spirit” says: “Inverse spring qi, Shaoyang does not grow, and liver qi is internalized.” This means that if you don’t take good care of the body in spring, it will go against the spring qi, and the Shaoyang qi in the body will not grow. , there will be diseases of internal stagnation of liver qi.

It is recommended that you start from the following three aspects:

1. Diet: strong>

Spring is here, we choose more ingredients that are suitable for nourishing the liver, such as bean sprouts ( Such as mung bean sprouts), soybean sprouts, pea sprouts, garlic sprouts, leeks, bamboo shoots) conform to nature and help human health; in spring, you can also eat more whole grains and beans, because they are all plant seeds, and seeds are the most concentrated part of energy. Essence can stimulate vitality and help reduce fat and lose weight; Chinese medicine calls it “five flavors enter the five internal organs”, “five colors enter the five internal organs”, and green color enters the liver. Eat more green vegetables. Green vegetables contain a lot of vitamins and dietary fiber. Liver; eat some sweets in moderation, because “the spleen and stomach are the foundation of the day after tomorrow” and “the spleen is prosperous at four seasons”, such as: longan, glutinous rice, yam, barley, lentils, etc. to nourish the spleen, with sufficient biochemical sources of qi and blood, sufficient liver blood, and liver qi , Liver is not prosperous.

2. Daily life

The most important thing is to get enough sleep: adapt to the weather, get enough rest and stay healthy. The liver stores blood, and when lying down at night, the blood returns to the liver. According to the theory of Ziwuliu in TCM, Zishi (23:00~1:00) belongs to the gallbladder menstrual period, and the ugly period (1:00~3:00) belongs to the liver menstrual period. So go to bed early, especially during this time to ensure sleep, in order to facilitate the maintenance of liver and gallbladder. Patients with liver disease should pay special attention to ensuring sleep, allowing blood to return to the liver, so that drugs can better play a therapeutic role. Women’s health is mainly based on nourishing blood. If they stay up late, they often suffer from insufficient yin blood, resulting in symptoms of liver blood deficiency such as yellow complexion, insomnia, dreaminess, and low menstrual flow. In addition, we also need to combine movement and stillness, not only to have a good rest but also to exercise properly. Go out on an outing and do some exercise to stretch your muscles and bones. It is recommended that you do Tai Chi or Baduan Jin: These two sports have two things in common. The first is to exercise breathing, make people calm down to dredge the blood, and expel toxins from the body. At the same time, let the breathing be deep and long, and the qi enters the dantian, which is called “returning qi” to the root. Open, the liver qi will be adjusted, and the qi mechanism of the human body will be stable. There is a folk saying, “one inch of tendon length, ten years of life” is the truth. At the same time, these two exercises are not only easy to learn, but also difficult to learn. According to your own situation, it is suitable for all ages, very suitable for homeschooling.

3. Regulate emotions:

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Keep your mind comfortable and avoid great joy and sorrow, and avoid irritability or depression. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the liver controls and regulates the body’s qi, viscera, and meridians , Qi, blood, and body fluid all rely on the liver to regulate Qi and maintain normal physiological functions; at the same time, the emotions of the internal organs are controlled by the liver’s dredging function: anger, joy, sadness and fear correspond to the internal organs – liver, heart, spleen, The five emotions of the lungs and kidneys are like five clouds in the sky. If the clouds are thick enough to block the sunlight, if the sunlight cannot penetrate, it will cause disease. Therefore, if the emotions are too much or not enough, it will lead to the imbalance of Qi and blood, the five internal organs. The functions of the six organs are out of balance, and we need to communicate with family and friends to adjust ourselves. We can use social software such as WeChat and Douyin on our mobile phones to relieve irritability or depression and maintain physical and mental health.

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