If you are angry, you will have more dreams! Talk about a recipe for actual combat, adjust Qi to help sleep, the truth is profound and meaningful

In today’s article, I would like to talk to you about the experience of TCM in regulating Qi and assisting sleep.

What is qi regulation to help sleep?

I would like to tell you a piece of evidence that I saw in my early years. It vividly shows the mystery of TCM regulating Qi and helping sleep.

There is a man who is 42 years old.

What’s wrong? He has had difficulty falling asleep since about a year ago. After barely falling asleep, he woke up shortly after. Even if you don’t wake up, you are still dreaming. Sometimes, he even felt that he was dreaming and awake, half-dreaming and half-awake.

I don’t sleep well at night, I have headaches and dizziness the next day, my whole body is exhausted and I have no energy.

This person has tried many things to improve sleep. Traditional Chinese medicine has tried the method of communicating the heart and kidney, the method of nourishing the blood and soothing the nerves, etc. Ineffective.

Later, he found a physician.

In engraved diagnosis, it was found that the tongue was red, the pulse was slippery, the tongue coating was thin and slightly greasy, and the face was full of sadness. The patient stated that since insomnia has been more than a year, he has become almost the same as a mental patient. He is very sensitive to sound and light, emotionally unstable, and easily restless.

At the time of the consultation, the patient was belching continuously, which would come later.

The doctor noticed this problem and asked him if he usually felt gas in his stomach?

Patients say it does. He could always feel a stuffy feeling in his chest and stomach. Especially in the stomach, there is often a gust of gas that goes up. With this top, the person wants to burp. If he didn’t get this anger out, he would be uncomfortable.

After learning about these conditions, the doctor wrote a prescription. But see——

Agarwood 2, black medicine 10, Hainanzi 10, fried citrus fruit 10, magnolia 6, cypress root 6, fried atractylodes 6, chuanxiong 10, Angelica 10, Bai Shao 10, Fried Bupleurum 6, Fried Gardenia 10, Licorice 5.

All of these, simmer in water.

The patient took the third dose and fell asleep that night. After waking up, the patient felt that his body was relaxed and not bloated.

The effect was not better, so the patient took 5 more doses. In the end, all the symptoms were relieved, the sleep was fast and good at night, and the day was very light and refreshing, as if a different person.

This is the basic process of medical records. It was originally published in the Shanghai Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1987

Here, what is going on?

Actually, you can guess it without me telling you: the Qi machine in the patient’s body is not smooth.

His chest and stomach were stuffy, and gas rushes up from his stomach at every turn. This is obviously because the gas machine is not smooth.

In addition, this person had a sad face, unstable mood, easy irritability, and a pulse-like pulse when he went to the doctor, which reminds us that he has a tendency of liver stagnation and qi stagnation. Liver to relieve drainage. Liver stagnation and qi stagnation, the whole body qi is not smooth, is a matter of course.

Of course, it is also due to the poor qi movement, so the patient has a tendency to turn qi stagnation into fire. Dry mouth, red tongue, these are all considered whether there is a fever. The stagnant heat accumulated inside, disturbing his mind, and he couldn’t sleep anymore.

What should I do at this time? It is necessary to adjust the qi machine, resolve stagnation and heat, and soothe the liver stagnation, so as to make the environment in his body tend to be normal and let sleep come back.

Look at the recipes used by doctors at that time-

This is actually a chemical application of Simo Decoction.

Simo Tang is a recipe in “Jisheng Fang”. Its basic composition is four herbs, ginseng, betel nut, agarwood and Tiantai black medicine. Among them, the betel nut has an alias, which is Hainanzi.

What is Simo Tang doing? It is to move qi to lower the inversion, to widen the chest and disperse knots. It treats symptoms such as liver qi stagnation, chest and diaphragm fullness, wheezing, stomach bloating, and qi attack. Patients often do not want to eat, white coating, pulse string.

Among them, black medicine, soothing liver stagnation, and promoting spleen and stomach Qi, is the king medicine. Agarwood, the lower qi descends inversely, resolves the qi movement of the upper reverse. Betel nut, reduces discharge and guides stagnation, removes fullness. Ginseng is used to strengthen the righteousness, so as to avoid these medicines that are scattered and accumulated, and hurt the righteousness. However, for some righteous people, ginseng can be removed.

It can be said that this Simo Decoction is especially suitable for the patients in the above medical case. Because his cause is liver stagnation and qi stagnation, which leads to an imbalance of qi throughout the body, manifested as fullness of the chest and epigastric cavity, and upward reversal of stomach qi. Therefore, Simo Decoction is just symptomatic.

On this basis, use Citrus aurantium, Magnolia officinalis, Cyperus officinalis, and Atractylodes to regulate qi and reduce swelling, and use Chuanxiong, Angelica and Baishao to nourish blood and activate blood, so that blood flow is qi If not stagnant, use Bupleurum and Baishao to regulate liver qi, soothe the liver and relieve stagnation. Finally, use gardenia to clear the heat. You see, this way, isn’t it appropriate?

So, this is a typical case of using Simo Decoction to treat insomnia. I’m done talking to you.

What can we learn from this?

The fact that you can’t sleep well doesn’t necessarily mean that you are sullen, that you have anger, that you are also empty and that are also empty. He is most likely caused by your lack of breath. The typical manifestation is that you may always feel that your stomach is full and full, stomach qi goes up, belching and belching every day, and indigestion. There is always a pressure in my heart. At this time, we have to try to adjust the breath to help sleep. The prescriptions and experiences in the above medical cases are worth our consideration.

If you also have insomnia, you can tell me about it. @Chinese MedicineSun Dr. Lan