If there is no “foot pickled” scandal, sauerkraut is actually not as unhealthy as imagined

For sauerkraut, it never occurred to me that he would be ruined overnight.

The sauerkraut that was marinated for nine, nine and eighty-one days was able to fall to the altar overnight and become a sauerkraut that was trampled under the feet of everyone. Finally, I have to say- —

“I can’t believe it.”

But having said that, even if sauerkraut does not have these black ingredients, from a health perspective, sauerkraut is actually not as unhealthy as imagined.

Some people will think that it is not that you need to eat fresh vegetables to eat vegetables, eat less pickles, and the salt content is so high, so why is sauerkraut still considered healthy?

This classmate, sauerkraut ≠ pickles!

What exactly is a standard sauerkraut?

The so-called sauerkraut mainly refers to those dishes that do not use a lot of salt and need to rely on natural fermentation, such as sauerkraut pickled with cabbage in the Northeast, and mustard pickled in the Southwest. of sauerkraut.

Even kimchi, which Koreans cannot live without, also belongs to sauerkraut.

In the production process, these dishes need to rely on fermentation bacteria for fermentation. Northeast sauerkraut uses acetic acid bacteria, while southern sauerkraut mainly uses acetic acid bacteria. >Lactic acid bacteria, and finally pickled with salt and wine.

Compared with pickles, these pickles have a strong sour taste, but not too salty. Relatively speaking, they can retain the original nutrition, so they can be used as an appetizer every day.

But the problem is——

Sauerkraut that has been marinated for a short time is really best not to eat

You should know that vegetables are rich in nitrates, although nitrates are not harmful to the human body.

However, during the pickling process, vegetables are converted into nitrite by microorganisms, and nitrite is a carcinogen that can cause poisoning if ingested in excess.

Sauerkraut that has been marinated for a short time contains a large amount of nitrite. These nitrites will break the osmotic balance in the human body. In order to restore the osmotic balance to its original state, the The kidneys will play their value.

However, if the human body consumes sauerkraut containing more nitrous acid for a long time, it will increase the burden on the kidneys, which will lead to chronic kidney disease and damage the renal function of patients.

If the sauerkraut made by oneself meets the food safety standards, Strictly follow the processing steps of sauerkraut, and strictly control external factors such as temperature and time. The activities of lactic acid bacteria and acetic acid bacteria do not Causes vegetables to produce nitrite.

But the problem is that most people cannot achieve such a perfect standard during the pickling process, and harmful nitrites will be produced under the action of other miscellaneous bacteria.

The nitrite content is different for different time of pickling. For example, when the first few days of pickling, the nitrite content will gradually increase to the peak, and then it will reach 1-2 weeks After that, it will gradually decrease, and it will drop to a safe level after more than 20 days.

Therefore, for pickled sauerkraut at home, it is recommended to marinate it for more than 20 days before eating it to reduce the effect of nitrite on the body.s damage.

Compared with home-made pickled cabbage, factory-produced sauerkraut is actually quite reliable

Due to the complex microorganisms in the air and surface, the flavor of naturally fermented sauerkraut is also different. Therefore, the pickled sauerkraut will inevitably be mixed with some miscellaneous bacteria, which will easily lead to the failure of fermentation of the sauerkraut made.

In contrast, when the factory makes sauerkraut, it directly sterilizes the prepared ingredients and then inoculates specific lactic acid bacteria, and then ferments them in batches. In addition, some additives are added to ensure the sauerkraut’s quality. Stable quality and extended shelf life.

Of course, the factory mentioned here is premised on qualified industrial production.

As for the shady scenes of sauerkraut reported on TV before, that’s really…(100 words omitted here)


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