If a woman makes these 3 kinds of jokes with you, congratulations in advance

Woman and you open this It’s a joke, it’s because I like your performance, some men don’t even know it stupidly! You probably have this kind of man by your side. He looks good, his salary is quite high, and he is very practical, but he doesn’t have a girlfriend. So why?

Because he is too stupid and has no emotional intelligence at all. Especially when she faces some more lively women and more open women, she will have a joking way to express ambiguous feelings to men, then these straight men are often unable to resist. Therefore, foolish people don’t know a woman’s consciousness and often miss a lot of feelings. Then once a woman makes these three kinds of jokes with you, you must know that she just likes your performance, you must not miss it again, and you must be bold and take the initiative to pursue her

Let’s talk about the first One is to love and complain to you. If a woman is always buzzing in your ear, complaining about herself, work, overtime, too tired and too hard, but she says she is under too much pressure, and that the boss is a slap in the face.

Maybe many boys will habitually say, don’t be so tired, work so hard, can’t bear it, just take a rest, don’t be too tired. So if the woman replies to you at this time that I don’t work, will you support me? That man, don’t be stupid anymore. If you don’t know what he means at this time, then you deserve to be single.

Second, love you” Flirting and flirting.” Now this kind of society is generally open, it’s not what it used to be, even if two people don’t live in the same place, don’t think they are thousands of miles away, just need a WeChat video or a phone call to care about and greet each other .

He’s hungry, you can give her something to eat, and you can give her something to eat when he’s thirsty. When men and women are chatting, women always send you some ambiguous emoticons intentionally or unintentionally, such as hugs, family, or I’m hungry, these meanings can’t be more obvious, just look at you The watch seems to be showing love.

If a woman doesn’t like you, How could she be flirting with you? If women are so obvious, you don’t know that you deserve to be single.

The third is to ask you to be her boy Friends, what Valentine’s Day, see parents and other jokes. If this woman tells you that she wants to rent a boyfriend to take care of with her parents, or that she wants you to pretend to be a couple for Valentine’s Day or something, how obvious is that. If you like him too, then turn your back on the guest. Men still have to be bold and take the initiative to pursue it.

Said it is simple on the surface, but it is so difficult for some people, because such people do not understand the sense of fun and women, you say that this kind of man is single, does he deserve it? ? Maybe some boys have poor families and poor conditions, but there are many girls who like him. What is the reason? Because they have sentiment, they have emotional intelligence, they can flirt, they can get involved, they can understand, they can understand the consciousness of girls, and they can quickly cater to women. You must know that a woman will not easily make emotional jokes with a man. Once she does, 90% of them have a favorable impression of you. If you feel the same way, be bold. I wish you early success!

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