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“Before the age of 40, you must exercise. Before the age of 50, you must exercise properly. After the age of 60, it is correct not to exercise and maintain more!”

It is said that life lies in exercise. He believes that exercise is good for the body, but Professor Xu Zaichun, a national famous Chinese medicine doctor, believes that exercise should be done in moderation, especially for middle-aged and elderly people. Exercise is good for health, but the more exercise is not the better, how long will exercise be effective?

First, the more exercise is not the better, the American study: 22 minutes a day is effective

Published in Journal of the American Medical Association·Internal Medicine A biweekly study of 403,000 health follow-ups found that people who performed 150 minutes of moderate or vigorous physical activity per week had lower all-cause mortality. Analysis showed that people who engaged in higher rates of vigorous exercise had a lower risk of death from all causes, including cardiovascular disease and cancer, compared with total physical activity.

That means you only need about 22 minutes of vigorous physical activity a day to reap the benefits of longevity.

2. Excessive exercise, beware of accelerated aging

Health and longevity is everyone’s desire, especially It is the elderly who are entering their old age. They may achieve the purpose of delaying aging through appropriate exercise. Indeed, numerous studies have confirmed that moderate physical activity plays an important role in the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases.

Adhering to proper exercise all year round can not only slow down brain atrophy and reduce cognitive impairment, but also enhance the physical fitness and independent living ability of the elderly and reduce the risk of falling.

However, be aware that chronic excessive exercise may risk accelerated aging.

Standardized Guidelines for Anti-aging Technology in Sports Medicine” mentioned that long-term excessive exercise may lead to accelerated aging of human organs , Excessive exercise may cause endocrine disorders, hypoxia and ischemia of the brain and other organs, and increased oxidative stress in the body. The exercise intensity must be well controlled.

It can be seen that the longer the time and the more intense the exercise, the better. During the exercise, you must master the exercise time and exercise intensity. Generally, the heart rate is appropriate during exercise, and there is no physical discomfort after exercise, which is suitable for exercise. .

Third, don’t exercise too much, 3 kinds of exercise may be harmful to health

1. Walk too much


Many people pursue more than 10,000 steps, or even 20,000 steps. But in fact, walking too much will produce more hormones such as epinephrine and cortisol in the body, which will inhibit the ability of the spleen to produce white blood cells, resulting in decreased cell activity in lymphocytes, and may also cause damage to the knee joint.


Hu Kun, Director of Health Intervention Department of Beijing Xiaotangshan Hospital pointed out that the average number of steps an average person walks Able to reach eight thousand steps. Four to five thousand steps is the number of steps required for daily life, and avoid sedentary state. Another 3,000 steps require continuous brisk walking to achieve the effect of improving the level of cardiorespiratory endurance.

2. Exercise as soon as you get up

For those who like morning exercise, many people will not The habit of going out “running” after eating breakfast or not hydrating. However, when you get up early, the blood of the human body is more viscous and the blood sugar level is low, especially for patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, the risk of exercise is greater.


Physician Huang Xiong’ang from the Department of Sports Rehabilitation Medicine, Zhejiang Hospital said that morning exercise can easily induce acute syncope and cardiac arrhythmia. It is best for older adults to exercise avoid the hour and a half after waking. Before exercising, it is best to increase body heat to avoid discomfort such as low blood sugar when exercising on an empty stomach. You can drink a glass of boiled water and eat a small amount of liquid and semi-liquid food.

3. Square dance for a long time

China’s square dance group is huge, and the legs It’s not uncommon for people to jump badly. When performing some movements such as body rotation and lower limb twisting, joint support and lower limb strength are continuously used. Dancing for too long and using the joints continuously will accelerate the wear of the joints and cause knee injuries.


Tan Zhihong, Director of the Second Orthopaedic Department of Huizhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital said that when people enter middle-aged and old age, many people’s There will be varying degrees of degeneration in bodily functions. In order to reduce the wear and tear of the joints, it is best to warm up about 10 minutes before dancing, and then start dancing after full activity. Generally dancing is best no more than 1 hour.

4. What kind of exercise should middle-aged and elderly people do? Zhong Nanshan recommends that these three kinds of scientific exercise are indeed beneficial to health. Academician Zhong Nanshan introduced that these three kinds of exercise are the most suitable for the elderly to exercise.

1. Walking

The World Health Organization gave a high score for walking every day, because walking is the easiest way to achieve, and also No need for other special equipment, keep walking every day to Prolonging life expectancy and reducing disease have certain effects.

2. Swimming

Swimming can reduce the load on joints, which is good for the heart. Regular swimming can also reduce the chance of falls in the elderly.

3. Tai Chi

Introduced by Academician Zhong, Tai Chi is mainly about the gradual strengthening of internal force, which can train thighs, body flexibility, etc. Heavy, great for seniors.

You must pay attention to exercise, it is not the pursuit of excessive force, nor the pursuit of high speed. Be sure to find the intensity that suits you and work it out step by step to keep your body in the best condition.


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