“Hypoparathyroidism” has no effective drug so far

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Gu Yu is the sixth solar term in the twenty-four solar terms and the last solar term in spring. Guyu has three stages: the first stage is Ping Shisheng; the second stage is Ming Dove and its feathers; the third stage is Dai Sheng descending on Sang.

It means that the rainfall increases after the Grain Rain, the duckweed begins to grow, and then the cuckoo begins to remind people to sow, and then the hoopoe begins to be seen on the mulberry tree.

Grain, which means “rain gives birth to a hundred grains”, is characterized by rainy weather and gradually increased air humidity, which is beneficial to the growth of crops.

Xiong Jingfang, deputy director of the Department of Geriatrics of Hangzhou Red Cross Hospital, said that during the Grain Rain season, the qi of the heart and spleen is gradually exuberant, and the qi of the liver is flourishing. Emotions, etc., must conform to the characteristics of the solar terms, and lay a solid foundation for a safe summer.

1. Beware of pollen allergies

When the weather turns warm during Grain Rain, pollen, catkins and other substances in nature are flying around, which can easily cause allergies. One has to be extra careful.

(1) Reduce the intake of high-protein and high-calorie foods in the diet.

(2) Use an air cleaner or filter to remove indoor allergens such as indoor pollen and dust.

(3) Rub the nose wing with cold water every morning and evening or before going out to help relieve symptoms of allergic rhinitis such as nasal congestion and sneezing.

2. Diet takes into account “strengthening the spleen and removing dampness”

In the “Grain Rain” season, the rainfall increases, and the humidity in the air gradually increases, which makes it easier for people to feel Dampness can easily lead to symptoms such as loss of appetite, loose stools, fullness of the abdomen and abdomen, and cold limbs.

In daily life, it is appropriate to eat more foods that dispel dampness and benefit water, such as red bean, black bean, barley, yam, wax gourd, crucian carp, bean sprouts, etc. You can also eat and drink some medicinal teas and medicated diets that strengthen the spleen and remove dampness, such as Atractylodes, lotus seeds, Poria, Huoxiang, and white cardamom. At the same time, eat less acidic food and spicy food. It is not advisable to eat mutton, dog meat, spicy hot pot, and chili, pepper, pepper and other foods to prevent evil heat from turning fire.

3. “Guyu” Toona sinensis is as tender as silk

Toona sinensis before and after the Grain Rain is mellow and refreshing and has high nutritional value, so it is called “Toona sinensis before the rain is as tender as silk” say.

Fresh toon sprouts are rich in sugar, protein, fat, carotene and a lot of vitamin C, which can improve the body’s immunity, strengthen the stomach and regulate qi, stop diarrhea and soothe the skin. However, it should be noted that toona sinensis contains nitrite. Improper consumption will cause poisoning. It should be scalded in boiling water for 1 minute to remove more than 2/3 of the nitrite before cooking.

4. Avoid eating cold drinks too early

“Don’t drink cold drinks before the Grain Rain and Summer”. Although the temperature is high during Grain Rain, it is still not hot in summer. After eating cold drinks, the human body is easily stimulated by cold and causes gastrointestinal discomfort. Therefore, it is not appropriate to eat cold drinks in a hurry.

5. Moxibustion and massage, strengthening the spleen and health care

Commonly used acupoints for strengthening the spleen and removing dampness:

Zusanli, Pishu Points, Zhongwan Points, Yinlingquan Points, etc.

Moxibustion method:

Moxibustion at each acupoint for about 20~30 minutes every day, 1~2 days of rest for every 10 days of moxibustion, and warm moxibustion.

Notes: Patients with yin deficiency need to adjust the acupoints selected for moxibustion, please consult a professional physician before applying, and pay attention to the distance of moxibustion to prevent burns.