Hypertension in the United States: Going out to eat more than once increases the risk of hypertension by 6%! It surprised me that

“Each extra meal per week increases the risk of developing high blood pressure by 6%!” This is not alarmist, but actual research data.

Less go out to socialize and eat, healthier!

It is estimated that when they see this sentence, many people will scold their mothers, because some people go out to eat or go out to restaurants far more than once a week. Tell everyone, the person who said this is the famous “American Hypertension” magazine. In our real life, it can be said that there are many people who eat more than once a week, and these people have an increased risk of hypertension. This is not alarmist. Let’s look back again, do these people who often go out to socialize and eat, many people already have high blood pressure? At the same time, in addition to high blood pressure, many people have health problems such as diabetes, high blood lipids, high uric acid, and abdominal obesity. Today, Dr. Zhang is here to tell you about the relationship between going out for entertainment, eating out, going to restaurants, and high blood pressure. This knowledge, I don’t know if I don’t hear it, it’s really shocking to hear it. #yao zero zero plan#


In 2015, the American Journal of Hypertension published an interesting study, which was a survey study from 501 college students in Singapore. It was found that 49% of the male students and 9% of the female students in these college students are in the state of hypertension or pre-hypertension, that is to say, the blood pressure is higher than 140/90mmHg, or the high pressure is 130-140mmHg, and the low pressure is in the state of pre-hypertension. 80-90mmHg state.

What was even more surprising was that those with a diagnosis of hypertension or prehypertension were more likely to eat out more frequently and weighed more than those with normal blood pressure. BMI index is higher. These studies also noted that each additional meal out per week was associated with a 6% increased risk of developing high blood pressure. This study is the first in the history of human medicine to point out a correlation between eating out and high blood pressure.

Let’s look at the background again. This study comes from Singapore, where the per capita intake of salt is not high. This phenomenon can be seen in areas where the intake of salt is not as high as ours. , What about people in China who love salt? The results are predictable. In addition, we will go out to socialize more frequently in China, and the food in restaurants will be saltier. Eating out will make people’s salt intake higher and the risk of high blood pressure will be higher. It is an indisputable fact. Looking back, think about the high blood pressure patients around you, do many of them often go out to eat? Presumably everyone will feel the same way.

I often go out to socialize and my blood pressure is high

So, in the real world, we cannot avoid going out to dinner and socializing, so how should we adjust it? Dr. Zhang gives you the following 6 suggestions:

1. Mark “less salt” when ordering

No matter what kind of cuisine, stir-frying is the most mainstream way of eating in the Chinese diet. What everyone eats most when eating out is stir-fried vegetables, such as Shandong cuisine, Hunan cuisine, Cantonese cuisine, and so on. How can I reduce high blood pressure when I go out to eat stir-fried vegetables? Today’s restaurants, especially some more advanced restaurants, have some special services based on consumers’ tastes. For example, when ordering, we can mark that the food ordered must be low-salt. In this way, the culprit of high blood pressure caused by eating out can be controlled, and the high blood pressure caused by eating out can be reduced. It is believed that in the near future, more restaurants will give consumers the power to label less salt.

It should be pointed out here that children frequently go out to eat in restaurants, whether in large restaurants or roadside stalls, which are very detrimental to their health and increase the risk of high blood pressure. , parents must pay attention.

Children eating too much salt is also unhealthy

2. Eat less seasoning

There are only a few categories that Chinese people often eat when they eat out, except for stir-fried vegetables, it is hot pot. Hotpot originated in China and flourished in China. It is a long-time favorite diet plan of the Chinese. However, hot pot diets tend to increase salt intake, which in turn increases the incidence of hypertension. The most important thing to eat less salt in hot pot is to eat less seasoning, or eat less small ingredients. Everyone thinks about whether you have this feeling after eating hot pot, you always feel very thirsty, most of which are caused by eating too many small ingredients. Because there are a lot of seasonings in the small ingredients, and the seasonings are rich in a lot of “invisible salt”. Eat a lot of small ingredients, inadvertently eat more salt. And Dr. Zhang’s advice to everyone is that if you go out to eat hot pot, you must eat less small ingredients.

Eat less seasoning

3. Do not choose dry pot, braised, boiled and other cooking methods

Let’s look back and think about whether those dishes such as dry pot, stew, boiled, and dry stir-fry are all greasy and salty. For example, dry pot spicy duck head, yellow braised chicken, boiled fish and other foods, are they all characterized by this feature? This type of food generally requires a lot of oil and salt to be cooked. Basically, people will be thirsty after eating, which means that the salt intake exceeds the standard. The corresponding healthy eating methods are cold salad, steaming, blanching, stir-frying, stewing and other cooking methods with less salt. These cooking methods will be healthier.

Pay attention to cooking methods

4. Reasonable mix of meat and vegetables

Chinese people go out to socialize, in order to make the guests eat and drink well, in most cases, they will choose more meat dishes, and relatively few vegetarian dishes. This eating habit continues into the present and is no longer recommended. My suggestion is that everyone should pay attention to the combination of meat and vegetarian food when eating out, especially vegetable food. It is recommended that half of the dishes you order should be a variety of vegetables, fungi and soy products. At the same time, pay attention to eating less greasy and salty dishes.

Eat more vegetables

5, eat less puff pastry staple food

Chinese people have to eat the staple food at the end of the meal, whether they eat stir-fried vegetables or hot pot. And many people like to eat puff pastry at this time. In fact, this type of food needs everyone’s attention, because in addition to the high energy, it may contain trans fatty acids. Eating too much can be very harmful to human health. At the same time, even some crispy biscuits that do not contain fatty acids will contain a lot of salt, and eating too much will easily increase blood pressure.

Let’s eat less biscuits

6. Drink less “soup” in restaurants

The “soup” in the restaurant that you drink in the restaurant, in order to enhance the taste, a lot of salt, chicken essence, monosodium glutamate, meat essence and other different seasonings are added. The soup made with these seasonings is delicious, but it doesn’t have much nutritional value, it just stimulates the taste buds and tastes good. And some thick white soups are likely to contain too much fat, so drinking too much will not only lead to high blood pressure, but also lead to high blood lipids. This health trap, we must pay attention.

Too much oil and salt in the soup

7. Quit smoking and drinking

Chinese people go out to socialize without cigarettes and alcohol. Smoking is harmful but not beneficial, smoking in public places, smoking has been listed as an illegal act. Smoking at home is harmful to the health of family members. Therefore, everyone must not smoke when going out to socialize, and at the same time try to stay away from people who smoke, because approaching people who smoke is a kind of poison to themselves. At the same time, it is necessary to drink alcohol when going out to socialize, and the harm of drinking to the body, especially the increase of blood pressure, is a sure-fire fact. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone go out to socialize less, but also to stay away from tobacco and alcohol; at the same time, if you must go out to socialize, you must pay attention to quitting smoking and drinking.

Quit smoking and drinking

All in all, it may be inevitable for modern people to go out to socialize. If it is impossible to push it away, just learn these small coping strategies for healthy coping. Strict implementation can definitely reduce the incidence of hypertension. For those who always go out to socialize, why they have a higher incidence of hypertension, in fact, everyone already knows it.

If you have a family or friend who loves to socialize, stay away from home all day, and eat at a restaurant. Don’t be embarrassed, forward this article to him, let him reflect on it, and it can also prolong his life.