Hubei Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine contributes traditional Chinese medicine to Shanghai’s anti-epidemic efforts

After receiving the order to assist Shanghai, the administration of the Hubei Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine attached great importance to it. A medical team was formed in just one hour, and training and preparations were carried out overnight. At the beginning of the month, a 24-member medical team went out with the Hubei Provincial Medical Team.

Hubei Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine also set up a temporary party branch. Team leader Xiao Mingzhong said, “Thank you to the hospital’s party committee administration and all colleagues for their trust and support! Under the leadership of the party flag, we will definitely play the vanguard and exemplary role of party members and do our best to Go, complete the tasks assigned to us by the organization on time and with quality, and return safely and smoothly!”

The A3 area of ​​Shanghai Guobo Fangcang shelter hospital, which was taken over by the Shanghai-aided medical team of the Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, has been strictly following the Chinese medicine treatment principles of the national “New Coronary Virus Pneumonia Diagnosis and Treatment Plan (Trial Version 9)”, and has comprehensively promoted Chinese medicine exercises. , traditional Chinese medicine and ear acupoint pressing beans, etc., take multiple measures to help patients recuperate their body and mind, enhance their resistance, and achieve good results.

The medical team of Hubei Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine organized the patients to play Baduanjin

For different types of infected people, traditional Chinese medicine adopts syndrome differentiation and treatment, stratified and classified treatment, and puts the effect first. For asymptomatic infections and mild cases, the main purpose of traditional Chinese medicine treatment is to quickly turn negative nucleic acid test results, prevent the development of the disease, and help patients to be discharged from the hospital as soon as possible.

Medical staff distributed Chinese patent medicines such as Huashibaidu Granules to patients, and carried out health education patiently and meticulously. As a result of Wuhan’s anti-epidemic formation, Huashibaidu Granules is one of the “three parties” in the national diagnosis and treatment plan.

Medical staff press beans on the patient’s ear acupuncture points to help patients improve sleep quality by stimulating the acupuncture points and reaction points on the auricle.

Experts said that currently in Shanghai Fangcang shelter hospitals, the utilization rate of traditional Chinese medicine for infected people is close to 100%, and they have done their best. With the continuous improvement of diagnosis and treatment plans and the continuous promotion and use of diagnosis and treatment methods, traditional Chinese medicine will play an increasingly important role in epidemic prevention and control. (China Daily Hubei Reporter Station)