How to treat kidney stones 3 common ways to break the stone in the body

Kidney stones are a high probability of disease. If the disease is treated in time, the disease can be controlled. If it is not treated in time, it will lead to aggravation of the disease. How to treat kidney stones? There are many reasons for people with kidney stones. Everyone should pay attention to what foods are good for kidney stones patients?

How to treat kidney stones

1 , General treatment

Kidney stones will affect the health of the human body. The key is to treat as soon as possible. In the process of treatment, patients should choose the method that suits them according to their condition. The general treatment method It is effective in relieving kidney stones. After the stones appear, the volume is very small. Drinking more water can help improve the symptoms of kidney stones.

Sufficient water can promote the excretion of urine, and it can also excrete small stones in the body, which can also relieve the symptoms of infection. Good eating habits can reduce the aggravation of kidney stones. Everyone should eat less food with high oxalic acid and reduce the level of uric acid. Correct eating methods can improve kidney stones.

2. Symptomatic treatment

Symptomatic treatment is a good way to treat kidney stones. Pain, at this time, patients need to be treated with drugs, which can achieve good pain relief and control infection problems well.

Therefore, symptomatic treatment after the discovery of kidney stones is also the key. Generally, drugs are used to improve and eliminate local infection, so as to improve the condition of kidney stones.

3. Surgical treatment

If kidney stones appear in a serious condition and the stones themselves are large, they cannot be improved by taking medicines. treatment to relieve.

General surgical treatment includes extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy and laparoscopic lithotripsy, all of which can control the development of kidney stones. In this way, the stone can be removed and the kidney stone disease can be prevented from aggravating.

Causes of kidney stones

Excessive sugar intake

If you eat too much sugar, the chances of developing kidney stones will also greatly increase. Sugar is an indispensable nutrient for the human body, and it does need to be supplemented properly. However, if you consume too much, especially lactose, it will easily lead to an increase in the concentration of oxalic acid, which will cause calcium oxalate to accumulate in the body and eventually form kidney stones.

Excessive protein intake

Excessive protein intake may also cause kidney stones. With too much protein, there will be too much calcium and oxalic acid in the urine. After passing through the kidneys, these substances will continue to accumulate and gradually form stones, eventually leading to kidney stones.

Excessive fat intake

The reason why you will suffer from kidney stones is closely related to eating too much fat. All kinds of animal meat we usually eat, especially fatty pork, belong to the food with more fat. If you eat these kinds of foods regularly, the fat content in the body will increase. If there is more fat, the calcium that can be combined in the intestine will be reduced, thereby increasing the absorption rate of oxalate, and slowly it will turn into kidney stones.