How to treat insomnia?

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No matter what kind of disease you are treating, you must first understand the cause. If the cause is unknown, or the cause is not explained correctly, the probability of recovery is very small.

What is the cause of insomnia? I learned from childhood that people need to sleep for 8 hours. Hair, wrinkles, not being able to study for exams, not being able to work, being uncomfortable the next day, etc. Once certain stress emergencies occur, which leads to poor sleep, insomnia may occur. Later, when I get to bed, I feel that I haven’t slept well before, so I want to go to sleep faster. A conditioned reflex is formed.

Seeing the reasons, you can find a way, first learn new sleep knowledge, including occasional insomnia is not so serious, physiological sleep is meaningful, and then talk about how many people sleep Not many, but good examples, such as some scientists and celebrities, don’t sleep much, which does not affect intelligence and health at all. If you can understand it, you can use the method of training to achieve the goal of being able to calm down in bed. As long as you can calm down, the probability of falling asleep is extremely high.

This method can be said to fundamentally solve the problem and completely get rid of the drug, but it takes a week for the fast, and it may take more than a month for the slow.