How to treat angina pectoris Don’t be afraid to learn these tricks or be able to save yourself

Angina pectoris is a very common heart disease. Patients will have many uncomfortable symptoms after the onset of the disease. The common one is chest pain or unbearable pain. Angina pectoris always exists and will affect people’s life and work. How to treat it at this time? There are many reasons for people’s angina pectoris, and everyone should pay attention to them.

How to treat angina pectoris

1, massage therapy. For people with mild angina pectoris, massage can be used for treatment, but if there is an incorrect massage, it will aggravate the symptoms of the disease and affect the health of the body. Therefore, patients with angina pectoris should learn the correct angina pectoris massage method for treatment in life.

2, drug therapy. Medication is a very common treatment for angina pectoris. When patients choose drugs, nitroglycerin can be used. However, different medicines are used in different amounts. When treating a disease, patients should follow the doctor’s advice to choose the medicine that suits them.

3, diet therapy. Diet is a good way to regulate angina pectoris. Good eating habits can help patients improve the discomfort caused by angina pectoris. Everyone must not put pressure on their own psychology and adjust their emotions. In terms of diet, patients should choose a recipe that suits them according to their individual physique.

4, Emotional Therapy. Angina pectoris patients consciously control their emotions in life, which is very necessary for the treatment of angina pectoris, so as not to think that bad emotions stimulate the heart to induce angina pectoris.

5, traditional Chinese medicine therapy. Chinese medicine therapy is also a good way to treat angina pectoris, but there are many things that need to be paid attention to when using it, so it must be treated with Chinese medicine with the help of a professional Chinese medicine doctor.

Causes of angina pectoris

Smoking and drinking

Smoking and drinking alcohol may directly lead to angina pectoris. Because a lot of smoking toxins will directly stimulate the heart muscle, resulting in the problem of heart spasm, which causes angina pectoris. On the other hand, drinking alcohol for a long time will cause blood vessels to dilate, blood pressure will decrease, and heart rate will increase, causing angina pectoris.


Especially older people are very May cause some stimulation to the heart. Because people’s heart rate will increase under anger, blood pressure in blood vessels will increase, myocardial oxygen consumption will increase, and myocardial blood supply will also decrease, which will cause angina pectoris. So if you want a healthy body, you must ensure a stable mood.


If the human body is overloaded, the heart will be injured, and overwork will directly cause angina pectoris. Fatigue and excessive weight-bearing of the body will cause the heart to be affected to a certain extent.

Many people often stay up late to work. After being overworked, the heartbeat will speed up, the oxygen consumption of the heart muscle will increase, and the lack of blood support will cause angina pectoris. Pay attention to rest. When the body feels very tired, you should stop, otherwise the heart will be prone to problems.

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