How to relieve oily face

Oily on the face is a symptom that many people have. After washing the face, the face is full of oil soon, and there will be reflection symptoms on the face. What should the patient do at this time? If you want to completely To improve the oil on the face, you must know the specific reasons. Some foods can reduce oil on the face, what food is good to eat?

How to relieve oil on the face

Salt control oil


After the oil on the face, you can use salt to improve it. The specific effect is to apply fine salt to the T-zone, and then gently massage for about 3 minutes. When massaging the nose, you should To gently massage the pulp of the middle finger, the direction is from the bottom to the top to do squeezing massage. However, this method will make the skin dry, so it is necessary to replenish water in time.

White vinegar for oil control

Once there is oil on the face, put white vinegar and purified water Mix them together according to 1:3, then you can use a cotton pad to dip the liquid, wipe it gently, 3 to 5 times, and then wash it with warm water. This method works very well. The situation will improve.

diy cucumber mask

In normal times, you can improve symptoms through cucumbers, wash the cucumbers, peel off the skin, and then cut the cucumbers diagonally with a fruit knife , Be sure to cut into thin slices, and then apply the cucumber slices on the face, it can relieve symptoms for 15 minutes, and it can remove facial oil very well.

Essential oil method

Choose grapefruit essential oil and sage essential oil, which has a quick oil control effect, not only intelligent whitening, but also tightening the T-zone skin.

Sake Oil Control

Add some sake to the water when washing your face to control oil. Similar to alcohol-based astringent water, it can remove the oil secreted on the face.

Moisturizing Mist

Absorb excess sebum and dirt with an oil-absorbing tissue before applying A small amount of spray. Then use your fingers to perform “finger massage” on the skin like a piano. Spray one more time on the face, and pat gently with your hands to encourage the skin to fully absorb the spray. Press out excess water with a tissue. Immediately apply some moisturizing skin care products, so that the softening effect will be particularly obvious. For more information on oil control, please read the next article: Reasons for oily skin and the correct way to control oil.

Causes of oily face

1. High calorie diet

Spicy fried Food is our favorite food in the south, but this type of food will not only cause our body to become obese, but also increase the pressure on our heart, reduce the quality of vitamin K in our blood, and reduce the skin resistance, which will cause our sebaceous glands to secrete oil and so on.

2. Face the computer for a long time

Young friends who sit in the office for a long time will definitely find that their face will be very greasy after a long day of work. It is because we will be affected by radiation, etc. in our work, and the radiation contains a lot of dirty things, which get on our face, block our pores, and cause our sebaceous glands to secrete excessive oil.

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