How to prevent the new crown have you mastered these 6 prevention methods

The new crown pneumonia epidemic has always affected the hearts of people all over the country. During this period of time, the epidemic situation is raging. The epidemic situation in many areas is very serious. It also reminds us in disguise that we cannot relax our vigilance. So how can we prevent the new crown? We all know the symptoms of the new crown Similar but different from a cold, what to eat to prevent the new crown in life?

How to prevent the new crown

1. It can be said that the new crown pneumonia is a matter of great importance now It is extremely contagious, so everyone must take daily precautions. There are many ways of transmission, mainly through droplets of patients, or direct contact with patients. Everyone should do this in peacetime. Two preventive measures.

2. During the severe period of the new crown pneumonia, everyone should reduce going out. Unless necessary, they need to stay at home and reduce contact with other people. In addition, if you go out, you should wear a mask strictly, and you should also disinfect it in time after going out, so as to prevent the invasion of the new crown.

3. Frequent handwashing is a very common measure to prevent the new crown. Everyone should increase the number of handwashing in life, and insist on washing hands for 20 seconds. You can also use hand sanitizer or soap. It can remove viruses and bacteria from hands. If you just wash your hands, there will still be viruses left on your hands.

4. Everyone must pay attention to hygiene and do not spit anywhere. In addition, when you sneeze or cough, you must cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or sleeve elbow.

5. Although everyone stays at home and cannot go out during the epidemic, everyone also needs to exercise in moderation and strengthen physical exercise, which can enhance resistance.

6. If you have symptoms of respiratory infection such as fever and cough, you must seek medical attention in time, and wear a mask when you go to the clinic.

Symptoms of new crown

1. Diarrhea. A small number of people infected with the new coronavirus will experience diarrhea, which is caused by the infection of the digestive tract by the new coronavirus. It has been confirmed that the new coronavirus has been confirmed in human feces, and fecal-oral transmission has become a new way of new coronavirus infection.

2. Dry cough and chest tightness. The early symptoms of each person’s infection are different. Some people may have dry cough and chest tightness. The symptoms of this dry cough are often not accompanied by expectoration.

3. Cold and body aches. In the early stage of new coronary pneumonia, some patients will be accompanied by mild symptoms such as soreness in the limbs, waist and back muscles and chills.

4. Pink eye. Early symptoms can also be seen in the eyes, leading to conjunctivitis, commonly known as pink eye.

5. Fatigue. Patients in the early stage of the new crown will feel tired and weak in the body and limbs, and the symptoms of new coronary pneumonia will be fatigued after a little activity.