How to make the goose grow fat and big What does the goose bulge represent What kind of goose head bulge

How to make the goose grow fat and big, what kind of goose head bulge does the goose bulge represent

Goose has strong adaptability and can adapt to various feeds and environments. Whether it is coarse grains or fine grains, or even the more common straw in rural areas, the geese can eat and digest them. In addition, as long as the environment is suitable, the geese will not get sick at all, and it is very convenient to manage.

Lion-headed geese have obvious black sarcomas on the top of their heads, and their beaks are also short and black, with the left and right sides of the face There are also black sarcoma, and the face has some folds. The feathers of our daily common geese are all white, but the color of the lion-headed goose’s feathers is brown, and the coat color looks a bit like a wild bird.

The bag on the head of the goose represents the age of the goose. Let the bag on the head of the goose grow quickly and enhance the immunity of the meat goose.

How to make the goose grow fat and big

Choose varieties, we can carry out economic crossbreeding. If we want to raise the big goose, we must choose a good breed. We can find a local female goose with a relatively high egg production rate as the female parent, and use the Rhine goose as a copy for crossbreeding, which can not only retain the characteristics of the local goose, but also obtain the fast speed of the Rhine goose. The advantage of growth, such a goose will reach a weight of more than 3.6 kg after eight weeks, and the effect is very obvious.

Goose is a herbivorous poultry, and its feed is mainly plant-based feed. It has strong foraging activities and can forage a large amount of natural plant-based food. Feed, about 2kg of grass can be consumed per day. Goslings can eat green grass from the age of 1 day. If conditions permit, they should be grazing as much as possible. High-quality pasture should be used for feeding in captivity. It can be fed by a combination of concentrate and forage, but it should also be grazing properly. Not only can it reduce costs, but the most important thing is to promote the growth and fattening of geese.