How to make chili fried eggplant at home that is soft, does not absorb oil and does not change color?

Why do eggplants always fail at home? Have you asked yourself, have you really put your heart into it? Don’t say that you can’t make it at home. I think you are doing it wrong. Like me, you can still make fried eggplants with peppers that are soft and oil-free at home. Are you sure you want to try it after reading it?

I washed the eggplant I bought and cut it into this ghost shape. The knife is not as good as before.

Then the chili I bought online, smashed it, to be honest, the chili I bought online is still good, cheap and not bad, still good

Garlic leaves are also cut into this shape. This is grown at home. Just cut a few times.

This is garlic, get a few grains, smash them, and take pictures with your phone It’s not clear, don’t be surprised.

If you want the eggplant to be fried without discoloration and without oil, the key lies in this, soak it in cold water for half an hour, add salt to the water, so that the eggplant will not oxidize, and I don’t know Oil absorption, killing two birds with one stone

Both are relatively slow-cooking dishes, so they are fried together, and they are turned while frying.

Fry until the eggplant peppers are soft, add a little lard, so that the fried eggplant will be more fragrant, softer and more delicious.

Then add chili, salt, monosodium glutamate, light soy sauce, garlic leaves and other seasonings and fry all the time.


Put a little water and simmer until the frying is almost done. One is that the seasonings melt and merge, and the other is that the pepper and eggplant are easier to taste.

Finally put a handful of garlic leaves, stir fry evenly, and then serve.

Eggplant is a relatively oil-absorbing thing, so in order not to absorb oil, we have to soak it in water, followed by frying Fry it a little more, then put in the oil, so that the eggplant will be almost cooked after absorbing the oil, so there is no need to worry about the problem of oil absorption, and secondly, it is healthier.

Good Now, this article is over, thank you for reading, thank you!