How to improve dry mouth and bitterness Use 4 ways to help you avoid dry mouth and bitterness

Stomach fire is a disease often mentioned in traditional Chinese medicine. If there is excessive stomach fire, there will be many symptoms in the body, such as swollen gums and bad breath. Stomach fire has always existed and will affect the health of the body. How to improve it at this time? Some foods can improve the situation of stomach fire, what food is good to eat?

How to improve stomach fire< /strong>

1. Control appetite

People with a strong stomach will have faster gastrointestinal work and hunger, and always feel like not enough to eat. In the next stage, there may be inflammation in the stomach, so that digestive function is reduced, and there are symptoms of loss of appetite. In traditional Chinese medicine, it is believed that the regulation of stomach fire should follow the dietary habits of clearing heat and clearing stagnation.

People with a strong stomach should control their diet, and they should eat less when they are too fatty, sweet and greasy foods. You can’t eat it often, and you should reduce the consumption of roasted seeds and nuts with a lot of fat. Eat more vegetables and fruits in your diet, and often replenish your body with water, which can reduce the symptoms of stomach fire.

Once there is a person with a strong stomach, you must control your appetite and reduce your diet. Usually, you need to choose a diet that suits you, and stick to it for a period of time. It is effective in improving stomach fire. A light diet can reduce the fire in the stomach and reduce appetite.

If we have symptoms of strong stomach fire, we can drink some mung bean porridge or mung bean soup made from mung beans. It can help us reduce the symptoms of strong stomach fire. However, due to the cold nature of mung beans, women who are menstruating and those who are weak in body and stomach should not drink it.

2. Massage

Neiting acupoint is a very effective acupoint for eliminating stomach fire, especially for toothache, sore throat and bad breath caused by stomach fire. Constipation, etc., can be relieved by massaging the inner court points. Nei Ting acupoint is located between the second and third toes on the dorsum of the foot, in the white place behind the web edge of the toes. If you can insist on massage for one or two minutes every day, you can achieve a certain effect of eliminating stomach fire.

3. Adjust the internal environment

People with stomach fire basically also have the phenomenon of decreased digestive function, which will show abdominal distension and difficulty in defecation. Therefore, in this case, it is necessary to adopt corresponding measures to adjust the beneficial flora.

4. Dietary therapy to eliminate fire

For stomach fire, you can also choose traditional Chinese medicine. Different conditions of patients can achieve good therapeutic effect by prescribing the right medicine. However, each person’s symptoms are different, so you must use different methods according to your own symptoms. The more effective Chinese medicines are honeysuckle, fat sea and so on.

Symptoms of stomach fire

1. Pimples on the corners of the mouth. Excessive heat is mostly eaten, so it will also appear on our lips. If there are pimples on the corners of the mouth, it means that your stomach is too hot, and you need to adjust and dredge in time.

2. Often dry mouth. People with a strong stomach are mostly angry and hot, the body fluids in the body are insufficient, and the body fluids are depleted, so they often feel thirsty because the body is in a state of lack of water, and the brain continues to receive signals that the body is dehydrated, and always feel thirsty. Thirsty.

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