How to identify “two diseases” for insured patients of urban and rural residents in the capital? Detailed explanation→

[Source: Hohhot Evening News]

On July 29, the reporter learned from the Hohhot Medical Security Bureau that it will further alleviate the urban and rural residents of our city with hypertension and diabetes. Regarding the outpatient drug burden, our city has formulated the “Implementation Rules for the Outpatient Drug Protection Mechanism for Hypertension and Diabetes for Urban and Rural Residents in Hohhot”, which was interpreted by the relevant staff of the Medical Insurance Bureau.
According to reports, the “Implementation Rules of the Outpatient Drug Protection Mechanism for Hypertension and Diabetes for Urban and Rural Residents in Hohhot” (hereinafter referred to as the “Implementation Rules for Two Diseases”) guarantees the basic medical insurance of urban and rural residents in Hohhot, hypertension and diabetes. Diabetic patients.
Can patients with hypertension and diabetes who meet the above conditions directly enjoy the “two diseases” treatment? It cannot be enjoyed directly, it must be confirmed first.
How to identify patients with “two diseases”? What materials do I need to provide for certification?
Self-identification: Patients with “two diseases” present their medical insurance electronic certificate or social security card to be approved by each county and district hospital Cardiovascular and endocrinology certified. If there is a past history of “two diseases”, the diagnosis certificate, outpatient medical treatment manual, inpatient medical record, relevant inspection report and other materials can be identified by the physician; direct identification: those who cannot provide an effective diagnosis basis can be directly identified in the county hospital or above. The medical institutions are identified through relevant inspections during outpatient treatment or inpatient treatment; the medical insurance departments of the banners, counties, districts, and districts will conduct the identification according to the “two diseases” electronic health files provided by the health and health departments.
Those who are identified through the above three methods can enjoy the outpatient treatment of urban and rural residents in our city.
The treatment for the two diseases mainly covers the medical expenses of the patients with the two diseases to purchase blood pressure or hypoglycemic drugs in outpatient clinics. The treatment is as follows:
Minimum payment standard: There is no threshold for enjoying the “two diseases” treatment.
Payment ratio: 65% of the drug expenses incurred in designated township health centers, community health service centers, community health service stations, and clinics Payment; 60% of the drug expenses incurred in outpatient clinics of designated hospitals in Qixian districts will be paid.
Payment limit: The annual payment limit for hypertension is 300 yuan; The annual payment limit for blood pressure is $600.
Persons identified with the two diseases can also enjoy the overall treatment of urban and rural residents’ outpatient clinics. Within a calendar year, the overall maximum payment limit for the overall payment of outpatient clinics (including Mongolian TCM clinics) and the payment for “two diseases” is
2400 yuan.

(Hohhot Evening News reporter Yu Yajun)

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