How to get rid of dark circles 6 common ways to get rid of dark circles are very effective

Eyes are the windows to the soul, but now many people have dark circles. It affects everyone’s appearance, and the whole person looks lack of energy. How to remove dark circles? If you want to completely improve dark circles, patients should To know the specific reason. Some foods can also have the effect of removing dark circles. What foods are good to eat?

How to remove dark circles

First, apply apple slices to the eyes. You can cut an apple into thin slices, then put it on your eyes, lie down and rest for about 15 minutes, so you can eat dark circles, but you should stick to this method every day. If you don’t have apples at home, you can also use potatoes instead. Their effect is the same.

Second, drink wolfberry tea. Friends with dark circles drink wolfberry tea, reduce the wolfberry and red dates into a cup, and then brew it with boiling water. Lycium barbarum can clear the liver and improve eyesight. The red dates themselves have the effect of nourishing blood. Consistently drinking it can remove dark circles very well.

Third, apply eggs to the eyes. Eggs are a good way to get rid of dark circles. Peel the eggs, then wrap the eggs with clean gauze, and gently massage near the eyes, which can promote blood circulation in the eyes. Effectively improve dark circles caused by poor blood circulation.

Fourth, apply figs to the eyes. Because figs contain a lot of vitamin C and have a certain antioxidant effect, you can wash the figs and cut them into thin slices, and then apply them around the eyes to eliminate dark circles.

Fifth, ice the eyes. After getting up in the morning, you can use a frozen spoon to massage the eye area, which can not only eliminate eye fatigue, but also promote local blood circulation.

Sixth, use eye cream. After the age of 25, the eye skin will appear aging, during this period, you must choose a suitable eye cream to apply. As long as you use it morning and night, you can gradually fade dark circles.

Causes of dark circles

1. Penetration of pigment particles in cosmetics

The penetration of pigment particles in cosmetics can also cause dark circles to appear. Why is this?

For those who use cosmetics frequently, there may be some dark cosmetic particles that penetrate into the eyelids. Over time, dark circles appear. As well as some other reasons, some of these reasons may occur in combination.

2. Lack of sleep

Lack of sleep is a major cause of dark circles, which is easier for those who are used to nightlife There will be the problem of dark circles, and the solution is very simple, that is, pay attention to rest, develop good sleep habits, and ensure the quality of sleep.

3. Formation of bags under the eyes

The bags under the eyes can also lead to the appearance of dark circles, this is because the bags under the eyes can cause shadows and thus cause dark circles.