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The kidney is very important to the human body. If there is a problem with the kidney, it will cause a lot of uncomfortable symptoms in the body. Nephritis is a common kidney disease. What are the symptoms of nephritis? There are many reasons for nephritis, such as Bad living habits, as well as disease factors, how to treat after nephritis?

Symptoms of nephritis

First, back Heat, pain

Many people think that there is a problem with the kidneys, mainly in the vicinity of the kidney area. In fact, this idea is a bit one-sided, and the patient may also have certain symptoms on the back, such as Burning, pain, and discomfort when urinating, these are all kidney problems, and you need to consider whether you have nephritis.

Second, low back pain

Everyone has low back pain symptoms in life. Check to see if there is a problem with the kidneys. After getting nephritis, there may be some symptoms in the waist, and pain is very common. Therefore, if it is not caused by waist disease or female gynecological diseases, it is necessary to consider whether it is nephritis.

The edema of the third, eyelids, and lower limbs

Drink a lot of water at night, or drink a lot of water during the day, and appear the next day Edema is normal. However, if you don’t drink too much water, you always have facial edema or lower extremity edema, which may be the kidneys, which is also one of the common symptoms of nephritis.

Fourth, the occurrence of white hair and hair loss

The kidneys return to the main hair, the early whitening of the hair, and excessive shedding all indicate kidney problems. It is the deterioration of metabolism and the deterioration of kidney function.

Fifth, itchy skin

Itching skin can also occur in patients with kidney disease. This is not a problem of uncleanness, but is caused by abnormal kidneys Yes, the body cannot metabolize excess creatinine and urea nitrogen during metabolism, and long-term accumulation will form more urea cream calcium salts in the skin, which will cause skin itching.

Sixth, the foam in the urine does not disperse for a long time

The condition of the urine can reflect the kidney If the protein penetrates into the kidneys, the foam in the urine will increase, and it will not disperse for a long time.

Causes of nephritis

1. Drug pathogenicity

May be related to cyclosporine, amino Glycoside antibiotics, amphotericin B, analgesics, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, cisplatin and other long-term use are related.

2. Heavy metal salts

May be related to long-term exposure to cadmium, lithium, aluminum, gold, and beryllium.