How to deal with high uric acid 6 uric acid lowering tips to keep it out

Some people only find out that they have symptoms of high uric acid during the physical examination. It is necessary to know that uric acid is the ultimate product of purine products. Once there is high uric acid, how to adjust it? There are many reasons for people’s high uric acid, which may be the diet Question, there are also disease factors, what foods are good for people with high uric acid?

How to regulate high uric acid

One, drink plenty of water


If you find yourself with high uric acid, you should increase the amount of water you drink in your life. The amount of water you drink should be more than half of the normal person. Patients with high uric acid need to drink more water every day, make sure to drink nearly three liters of water every day, so that the excess uric acid in the body can be excreted.

Second, reasonable diet

If you find yourself with high uric acid symptoms, you should control your own Diet, usually eat more vegetarian food, three meals a day, eat less food with high purine content, must strictly control the diet, should eat more vegetarian food, eat more food with low purine content, such as eggs.

Three, auxiliary products

If you want to reduce uric acid, you can also use health products to help improve symptoms. When treating diseases, you should be reasonable Taking health products with low uric acid, in this process, can control the disease well and effectively reduce the symptoms of high uric acid in the body.

Drug treatment

If there is an obvious phenomenon of high uric acid, you should also take appropriate drugs, especially some drugs that can relieve high uric acid For example, these drugs can promote the excretion of uric acid, but the drugs should be taken according to the doctor’s advice, and it is better to use traditional Chinese medicine to regulate uric acid.

Five, reduce overeating

In addition to reducing high-purine diet, weight control is also very important important. If you eat too many high-calorie foods, your body will inevitably gain weight. Another point to remind is that friends with high uric acid should try to reduce the intake of high-sugar beverages or food. A high-sugar diet is not only bad for weight control, but also bad for uric acid control.

Six, eat more fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins, which can keep the kidneys and renal tubules healthy. When the kidneys are healthy, uric acid excretion is normal. In addition, fruits and vegetables are rich in dietary fiber, which helps the excretion of uric acid in the intestines, and in the process of choosing cooking, just choose the way of steaming, so as to ensure its original taste and no loss of nutrients The phenomenon.

What to eat with high uric acid

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