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Changjiang Daily, Wuhan Client, April 18 (Reporter Liu Xuan, Correspondent Liu Wang) “If you don’t let go of your work, it is likely to lead to serious infection, leading to urinary sepsis, serious It will be fatal!” A week ago, Liu Feng, director of the Department of Urology at Wuhan Sixth Hospital (Affiliated Hospital of Jianghan University), gave an ultimatum to the patient, Mr. Gao. “I didn’t expect to recover so quickly, and I won’t delay if I get sick in the future.” On April 18, before he recovered and was discharged from the hospital, Mr. Gao found the chief surgeon Liu Feng to thank him again.

52-year-old Mr. Gao, a senior executive of a state-owned enterprise, visited the Sixth City Hospital in November last year due to a ureteral stone and renal colic attack. At that time, Liu Feng suggested that he have an operation, but Mr. Gao refused on the grounds that he was busy with work, and only gave pain relief treatment according to the symptoms. After the renal colic was relieved, he left the hospital.

In early April this year, Mr. Gao’s renal colic attacked again. Severe pain in the lower back, accompanied by fever, he came to the urology department of the Sixth Hospital of the city again. An urgent investigation of B-ultrasound and CT revealed that Mr. Gao’s left ureteral stone was obstructed, causing the left hydronephrosis to aggravate, and the right kidney stone was enlarged to the size of winter jujube. Mr. Gao asked for pain relief again, this time Liu Feng did not “agreed” to his request. He told Mr. Gao that if the operation is delayed, the left renal obstruction cannot be relieved in time, and the severe hydrops in the kidney may lead to the risk of urinary septic blood infection, and the enlarged stone in the right kidney may also cause irreversible effects on renal function.

Director Liu Feng is reading the film. Photo by Correspondent Liu Wang

After repeated communication and persuasion by Liu Feng, Mr. Gao agreed to leave his job and undergo surgery. After evaluating his condition in detail, Liu Feng decided to adopt “left ureteroscopic holmium laser lithotripsy + right percutaneous nephrolithotomy” to solve all problems at one time. On April 15, Mr. Gao was pushed into the operating room, and the stones were cleaned up.

Liu Feng pointed out that the weather is getting hotter and the urinary system stones are gradually entering the season of high incidence. Sitting at a desk, sitting for a long time, and drinking less water are all high-risk factors for inducing urinary system stones. In addition to a balanced diet, adjusting the dietary structure, controlling the intake of foods rich in calcium, oxalic acid, and purine, and avoiding high-animal protein, high-sugar, and high-fat diets as much as possible, proper exercise is also an important means of preventing stones.

He reminded that after removing the stones, it is not “everything”. It is best to do a stone composition analysis and formulate a healthy meal plan based on the results to prevent the occurrence of stones from the source.

Liu Feng pointed out that although the stones are small, the harm is not small. Don’t think that only too many stones will affect the kidneys. In fact, even a small stone, once it causes ureteral obstruction, may lead to renal colic, hydronephrosis, urosepsis, chronic pyelonephritis, and renal dysfunction. Even tumors and other consequences. It is recommended that people over the age of 40 do a urinary system B-ultrasound and urine routine every year to determine whether they suffer from urinary system stones. In addition, urinary tract stones are easy to recur, and regular review is very important, so that they can be detected and treated in time.