How much do you know about carambola, that it’s not for everyone

You must love sweet and sour carambola, but you know that not everyone can eat it, or even the most delicious carambola should not be eaten too much.

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Let’s take a look at which people should not eat or eat in moderation?

Usually, except for people allergic to star fruit, there are no other people who are contraindicated to eat star fruit, but Should pay attention to eating properly. Gastrointestinal dysfunction, < /span>renal insufficiency, diabetes and other people need to avoid eating a lot of star fruit, otherwise there may be uncomfortable reactions.

1. People allergic to carambola: If you are allergic to carambola, you should not eat carambola and carambola. In order to avoid allergic reactions, rashes, laryngeal edema and other symptoms, severe cases may also occurallergic Shock, etc.;

2. Poor gastrointestinal function Crowd: Starfruit is cold in nature, and people with poor gastrointestinal function may increase the burden on the gastrointestinal tract after eating a large amount of starfruit, causing abdominal pain, diarrhea and other uncomfortable symptoms;

3. People with renal insufficiency: Star fruit contains a lot of oxalic acid. People with renal insufficiency may not be able to metabolize oxalic acid in time after eating a lot of it. It is easy to increase the incidence of stones. In addition, carambola contains neurotoxins, which can be metabolized by normal people after moderate consumption, but people with renal insufficiency have poor metabolism. Eating a large amount of carambola will lead to accumulation of toxins and damage to kidney tissue, which is not good for health;

4. Diabetic people: Star fruit contains a lot of sugar. After eating a lot of star fruit, diabetic people may increase blood sugar. high, which is not conducive to blood sugar control;

5. Other groups: infants and young children The gastrointestinal tract is weak and the kidneys are not fully developed. Not only is it not suitable to eat starfruit in large quantities, but also other fruits should not be eaten in large quantities. In addition, star fruit contains a certain amount of fruit acid, which will stimulate the teeth and oral mucosa. If you are a person with dental or oral problems, eating a large amount of star fruit may aggravate the teeth or oral problems.

We know that many people cannot eat carambola, and we should also know the efficacy and function of carambola.

Carambola is a kind of fruit, belonging to the phylum Angiosperm, which produces fluid and quenches thirst. Also used as medicine. Root, bark, leaf, analgesic and hemostasis. Carambola is sour, sweet, and cold in nature. It can promote body fluid and relieve cough, lower qi and neutralize the middle.
1. Relieve fatigue: The fructose and glucose in star fruit are easily absorbed by the human body, which can replenish energy in time and reduce fatigue, so star fruit has the effect of relieving fatigue.
2. Clear throat and throat: Starfruit contains vitamin C, vitamin B, riboflavin and other substances, which can promote fluid and relieve cough, and can relieve throat inflammation, oral ulcers, toothache and other symptoms.
3. Beauty and beauty: Star fruit is rich in fruit acid, which helps to inhibit melanin precipitation after consumption, and can also improve skin condition, so eating star fruit in moderation can play a role in beauty and beauty
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How to eat carambola: it is eaten raw and juiced

Wash the carambola, cut it into pieces, put it in the juicer, squeeze it and drink it.

When eating starfruit in daily life, pay attention to the use of salt water Soaking and cleaning can not only remove the dirt on the surface, but also reduce the sour taste, making it more delicious.