How long are you going to be deceived by the rumor of “cataracts after laser myopia”?

Reporter Zhang Ruyi Intern Liu Tianqi

I heard that after laser myopia surgery, I will get cataracts? The reporter interviewed relevant doctors of Shandong First Medical University Affiliated Eye Hospital (Shandong Eye Hospital).

The doctor said that cataract is a relatively common middle-aged and elderly eye disease. First of all, even if laser myopia surgery is not performed, many people may still suffer from cataracts as they age, especially after the age of 45. Secondly, the site of laser myopia surgery is only on the cornea, it will not penetrate the cornea, will not touch the deep structure of the eyeball, and cannot touch the lens.

About cataracts, the doctor also said that cataracts may occur in people of all ages, so we will hear the sayings of first white and blue and white, but mainly in middle-aged and elderly people. Cataracts and presbyopia are not the same thing. The reason why the eyes can see objects at different distances clearly depends mainly on the adjustment ability of the lens. However, with the increase of age, the elasticity of the lens decreases, and the deformation ability will become worse, resulting in the inability to smoothly become convex when looking near, and the ability to focus light will become worse, so many people have presbyopia as they get older. When you get older, the lens will start to appear cloudy and become less transparent. At this time, you will feel blurry and yellow when you see things, and your vision will gradually decline. Cataracts appear at this time.

Currently, the only effective way to treat cataract is surgery. Through cataract surgery, the cloudy lens itself is removed and an intraocular lens is implanted, and the cataract patient regains clear vision, just like the effect of seeing things after replacing ground glass with transparent glass.