How important is a good attitude? Vitiligo patients, let’s take a look

One of the causes of vitiligo is the mental factor.

Strong mental events such as mental trauma or life stress are one of the important factors for the onset or aggravation of vitiligo.

During the treatment process, the doctor will also repeatedly advise that a good attitude will greatly promote the treatment of vitiligo.

How important is a good attitude? Let’s take a look.

a medical psychologist believes: >”All diseases in the world are the defeat of the immune system.”

We have always underestimated the intelligence of the body, which has a sophisticated immune system.

The immune system mentioned here is not only the immune ability in the narrow sense of Western medicine, but also includes self-diagnosis, human resource management, self-repair and regeneration. When we have various emotions, the first attack is the body’s immune systemsystem.

More than 70% of people digest their emotions by attacking their body organs, which leads to symptoms One of the biggest reasons.

strong>Many times, frequent negative emotions are behind the disease.

All grievances, entanglements, and anger will eventually turn into an immune storm.

Emotions are quietly taking over your health.

A head of the cardiology department at a well-known university has suffered a serious heart attack.

After experiencing the near-death situation, he began to seriously think about his life. During the three months in the hospital, he After sorting out my own life experience, I came up with two rules of life.

These two rules of life are not a recipe for health care, but two very simple Ways to live in the world:

Rule 1, don’t waste your energy on trivial things;

Rule 2, everything is trivial.

Look, people who have experienced life and death know how to love themselves and care more about their emotions.

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A good mood can ease the effects of bad mood The resulting stress stimulates the pituitary gland in just the right way to achieve optimal balance of endocrine function.

Once the endocrine is in a state of balance, we will feel that our hearts are full of infinite vitality.Take care of your emotions with practical actions, which is more useful than any health care.

The mood is better, the spirit is relaxed, the endocrine immunity and other aspects of the body are improved, and the spread or recurrence of vitiligo will also be reduced, which is more conducive to the development of vitiligo. Treatment.