How big is the difference between North and South? South loses in the first round!

For groceries, one meal at a time in the south and a ton at a time in the north

Winter, northerners freeze into dogs in the south

Southerners think the north is really warm

North and South have saucy operations

that each other will never understand

Life differences also hide many health secrets

Today’s Competition

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Competition results: North wins

Heat and dry vs. wet and cold, both north and south are uncomfortable indoors in winter


Ambient temperature18℃~25℃

RH40%~70%Most comfortable[1]

Winter indoor temperature is best controlled at 20℃~21℃

Too low may induce respiratory and cardiovascular diseases[2]

Too hot, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is large, and it is easy to catch cold when going out

Keep humidity at 40%~70%[1]

Too wet will accelerate heat dissipation and make people feel very cold

Too dry, people will feel like they are all dry! Dry! Dry!


Buy a thermo-hygrometer and keep the pointer in the green area

When the temperature in the northern home is higher than 25℃, you can turn down the heating

Or call the heat company to handle it

The humidity in the south exceeds 70%, and the dehumidification function of the air conditioner can be turned on

Competition results: North wins!

Heating is an artifact

Roasted sweet potatoes, roasted insoles, roasted socks, roasted panties

Unexpected, no bake

Note that food and clothing cannot be grilled together

Avoid the embarrassment of insole smelling sweet potato or sweet potato smelling insoles


Underwear must withstand the baptism of feces and farts

Often carry Escherichia coli, Salmonella, etc.

Put food on the radiator and bacteria have a chance to slip into the digestive tract

You may have diarrhea

Do not bake insoles, socks, and panties together

Shoes are relatively airtight and moist, which is conducive to fungal growth

And the bacteria on the underwear come together with each other

May cause tinea corporis, jock itch, itching all over


The rainy season in the south, back to the south

Mould infests walls, furniture, clothing, food…

You can add some disinfectant to the laundry, and then dry it before drying

If it’s not dry and musty after 2 days, it needs to be rewashed

If possible, it is best to buy a clothes dryer

No conditions, I can only make do with a hair dryer…

Keep some clothes desiccant in the closet

Competition results: Southern wins!


Storing vegetables at room temperature compared to refrigeration

will produce more nitrite[3]

And the longer the storage time, the higher the content

Nitrite decreases after cooking

But leftover vegetables can be stored at room temperature or refrigerated

Nitrite levels will rise[4]

Long-term, small amount intake may cause cancer! [5]


Buy and eat vegetables as you go, and only buy 1~2 days‘s worth of vegetables at a time

If you can’t finish eating, wrap it in plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator

As for the behavior of hoarding Chinese cabbage and green onions, it still needs to be changed

After all, it’s 2021, so there’s no shortage of food and drink!

Competition results: South wins!

Southern exquisite, small dishes and small bowls, with meat and vegetables

Northern boldness, potatoes, beans, ribs in one pot

Stewing is a healthy way to cook

But the portion is so big and the stew is so fragrant, it’s easy to eat

North and South have different definitions of “vegetable”

Overall, the South is better when it comes to nutritional balance


How to learn from each other’s strengths in the diet of the North and the South[6]?

Daily Salt intake should not exceed 6 grams, cooking oil 25~30 grams

Add no more than 50 grams of added sugar per day

preferably less than 25 grams[6]

It is recommended to eat 250~400 grams of grains, potatoes and mixed beans per day

300~500 grams of fresh vegetables, 200~350 grams of fruits

Fish, poultry, livestock, eggs 120~200 grams

Milk and dairy products 300g, soy nuts 25~35g

Competition results: Southern wins!


“Rice” is completely different in the concept of northerners and southerners

Rice is nutritious[7], but not superior to other grains

For example, protein, 100 grams of milled rice contains 7.3 grams

The same weight of oats contains 16.9 grams[6]

Improving the nutritional structure of rice is simple – cook multigrain rice

North’s problem is a staple too! many! !

Rougamo+Saozi Noodles+Lamb Soup

Boiled fire + sesame biscuits

It’s a “carb bomb”

The Lancet-Public Health study points out

Low-carb diet (carbs make up less than 40% of total calories)

and a high-carb diet (carbs make up more than 70% of total calories)

both are associated with an increased risk of premature death

and moderate carb diets

(Carbohydrates account for 50%~55% of total calorie intake)

Lowest risk associated with premature death[8]

Therefore, it is not healthy to abstain from staple foods and eat too much


How many staple foods are appropriate for each meal?

About 75~160 grams of grains per meal is enough

About 1 fist-sized bun + 1 sweet potato[6]

Results: Tie

Northerners are amazed by the tolerance of bath towels

Southerners’ pursuit of frequency of bathing leaves northerners unmatched

However, always rubbing and washing is not good!


Old use towel, bath ball, loofah rubbing vigorously

Or washing too often can damage the sebum membrane

Skin can become dry, itchy, sensitive, prone to infection, and allergies[9]


A shower every 2-3 days is enough[10]

It’s okay to wash every day, it’s just a personal habit

In dry areas and in severe cold seasons

Elderly people with little activity can wash once every 1-2 weeks[10]

The time is controlled at about 10 minutes[10]

Just use a soft towel + shower gel

Households using natural gas, gas

Pay attention to ventilation when bathing and do not wash for too long

Beware of carbon monoxide poisoning

Competition results: both! lose! !

Xiaoqiang is one of the oldest creatures in the world

One ​​small strong can breed thousands of offspring in one year

Some species of females are still alive! sex! complex! Breed!

If you see a little strong at home, congratulations

You have uncovered the tip of the iceberg

There must be nothing under the iceberg! number! Only!

Whether it is the agile “little strong” (German cockroach) in the north

Or the “big power” (Periplaneta americana) that can fly in the south

both carry approximately 40 bacteria-causing species

Including Mycobacterium leprae, Yersinia pestis, Shigella, etc.

Can also carry the eggs of viruses, fungi, protozoa and parasitic worms[11]

Xiaoqiang’s feces, eggs and shells can also cause allergies

OMG! The scalp is numb and the back is cold!


Slippers have a strong “slap” and are a skill that every Cantonese person is born with

But I have to advise you to give up physical attacks!

Female Xiaoqiang has a device called “egg sheath” in her body

Full of eggs

The scabbard is very hard and cannot be damaged by stepping or tapping

Let the “strong egg” stick to the ground and the “drag child” instead

And spreads to every corner as you walk along

To deal with Brother Qiang, chemical weapons are more reliable

Xiaoqiang will not hang up immediately after some cockroach-killing bait is eaten

But after returning to the old nest, slowly poisoned to death

Xiaoqiang has the ability to eat corpses and feces

The toxicity spreads slowly through the family

Check for these active ingredients when purchasing:

Acephate, Phorphos, Chlorpyrifos, Proxacarb

Fipronil, Fipronil, Imidacloprid and Sulfluramid, etc.[12]

Which small and strong medicine should I buy?

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North and South people have lived like this for thousands of years

No one is healthier

Some of the health problems mentioned above

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Contributing Author:

Duan Guixiang| Attending Physician, Department of Dermatology, Beijing Muslim Hospital

Zhou Zhanfan| Attending Physician of the Second Hospital of Shunyi District


Li Baihua| Deputy Chief Physician, Department of Nutrition, Peking University Third Hospital

Dong Xiaolong| Deputy Chief Physician, Department of Dermatology, Aviation General Hospital, China Medical University


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