Hotspots | Internet celebrity check-in attractions are full of garbage, and local helicopters are used to clear and transport!

During the summer vacation, Xinjiang became a hot tourist destination. At the same time, the topic of “Duku Highway is full of garbage” also rushed to the hot search.

On the 24th, the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Department of Culture and Tourism issued a proposal: Please! Do not! want! Turn Duku Highway into a garbage dump.

And according to China News Network, not only Kulu Highway, recently, Xinjiang’s Internet celebrity “check-in place” Paradise Lake Scenic Area, With the increase of tourists, there has also been a phenomenon of garbage everywhere. There are tourists who leave garbage everywhere after camping, and even deflated inflatable boats, gas canisters, etc.

< p>Nurzati Abulimiti, a tourism practitioner in the Paradise Lake camp, said that the local area uses return helicopters to take away the garbage for harmless treatment.

He especially appealed to tourists, Be sure to consciously protect the beauty of nature and leave nothing but footprints.

On the 26th, Zhongqing commented:

“The time is quiet inside the camera, and garbage is overflowing outside the camera. “-In some online celebrity attractions, such a scene is heartbreaking. Relaxing in the distance is by no means “unlimited flight”, As some netizens commented, people littering are not worthy of the beauty here. Traveling in civilization can live up to the beauty of nature.

Civilized travel,

Don’t turn paradise on earth into a sea of ​​garbage!

Source: China Youth Daily (ID: zqbcyol Organizer: Chen Qian ) Comprehensive: China News Network, The Paper, China Youth Review (Ren Guanqing)

[Source: China Youth Daily]

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