Hot Shot ▏ The yellow peach is ripe, and Tao Sanchao welcomes the harvest year again

Changsha Evening News on the palm of Changsha, July 24th (all media reporter He Wenbing) In July, the fruit is fragrant. On the 24th, more than 100 acres of yellow peaches in the Four Seasons Orchard of Longtan Villa, Lianxinqiao Village, Huaminglou Town, Ningxiang City were opened for picking.

“This year is another fruitful year for my family.” Tao Sanchao, who is picking yellow peaches with his guests, is from Xinqiao Village, Renlian, Huaminglou Town. I have been doing excavator rental business in Changsha before. In 2016, Tao Sanchao returned to his hometown to start a business with the dream of changing the face of the mountain village, and built a four-season orchard with an area of ​​more than 340 mu in Lianxinqiao Village.

The reporter saw that Tao Sanchao’s more than 340 acres of orchards were planted with plums, yellow peach, dragon fruit, kiwi fruit, rock sugar orange and other fruit varieties. “There are plums in June, yellow peaches in July, dragon fruit in August, kiwi fruit in September, and rock candy oranges in October…” Tao Sanchao introduced that this year’s yellow peach fruiting is gratifying, and it is expected to produce 50,000 yellow peach. More than one kilogram can be sold for 800,000 to 900,000 yuan based on the sales price of 16 yuan per kilogram.

“My dad’s name is ‘Sanchao’, and my summary of him is also three ‘super’, super hard, super domineering, super tolerant of loneliness.” Taking advantage of the Sunday break to go home to help Tao Miao, the eldest daughter of Tao Sanchao who picks yellow peaches, is a teacher in a school in Huaminglou Town. She uses humorous language to vividly evaluate her father.

In 2016, when Tao Sanchao decided to give up his excavator rental business and return to farming, he was opposed by his family. “I feel that the country attaches great importance to agricultural and rural construction, and it should be a good way to go home and work in agriculture. Although my family objected, I did not back down.”

Tao Sanchao built a small house on the mountain. During busy seasons, he lived alone in the small house for three or five days. From circulating in the mountains, to planting fruit seedlings, and now the fruit trees form a forest, Tao Sanchao stays on the mountain 365 days a year, almost every day. “Seeing Miao Chenglin and the trees bearing fruit, the feeling of joy cannot be felt by others.” Tao Sanchao said that his family saw the benefits of his fruit growing, and finally admitted that this path was not wrong.

Tao Sanchao’s Four Seasons Orchard is one of the largest in Huaminglou Town. Whenever the fruit picking season enters, there are waves of urbanites and villagers who come to pick and taste early adopters. Through Tao Sanchao’s Four Seasons Orchard, the town and village levels saw an opportunity to drive rural labor employment. Under the leadership of Yan Zhiqiang, Secretary of the Party Committee of Huaminglou Town, funds were raised to widen and harden the one-kilometer-long dirt road leading from the village road to Tao Sanchao’s orchard, and included Tao Sanchao’s Four Seasons orchard into the “Flower Garden”. In the construction of the “Ming Impression” cultural tourism industry framework, the intention is to use Tao Sanchao’s four-season orchard industry as the starting point for rural revitalization, and to make the orchard a check-in point for rural tourism Internet celebrities in Huaminglou Town.