Hometown, on the coast of Qingdao

Text/Hao Ming

Growing on the coast of Qingdao

Seagulls and waves are my childhood friends

The beach records the laughter of the years


The trestle bridge and Huilan Pavilion are engraved with my nostalgia

Spring, wandering in Zhongshan Park

Luxurious peonies

Pink cherry blossoms blooming smiling faces

Sea breeze is coming

The refreshing fragrance of flowers makes me linger

In summer, walking in the eight Guan

Wushengguan Road is lined with trees

The couple who were photographed in the Huashi Tower

Freeze frame

The frame is telling Love of style

In autumn, the maple forests of Laoshan are dyed

The kind stone old man holds his chin in his hand

Under the setting sun

Looking forward to

Stand quietly in the sea and look forward to seeing

In winter, the coast in the south of the city is quiet and tranquil

The statue of “Wind in May” ignites


The Olympic Sailing Base

dotted white sails

swaying and beckoning the wanderers to return to the harbor

hometown, on the coast of Qingdao

< p>The gorgeous four seasons make me fascinated

Wherever I go

It has always been my reluctant concern

(Hao Ming, Materials Science, Beijing University of Chemical Technology and engineering students)