High hair recently! Changsha guy played with water and entered the hospital, the doctor reminded: serious cancer can be caused

Sunscreen is very important in summer. The weather has been hot recently, and you may be admitted to the hospital if you are not careful.

On the afternoon of July 21, 21-year-old Xiao Li from Changsha met with friends. After playing for nearly three hours at an open-air water park near Laodao River in Kaifu District, the skin on his chest and back It started to turn red and accompanied by bursts of tingling, and then went to the hospital for examination and found that Xiao Li’s skin had been severely sunburned and required hospital treatment.

Xiao Li introduced that after returning home from the water park that day, there was a burning sensation on the back of the skin, which spread to the chest and arms the next day. Xiao Li bought an ointment at the pharmacy to wipe it. Failure to relieve symptoms. On the morning of July 23, Xiao Li came to a nearby hospital for inspection and found that the sunburned area was not small.

Changsha First Hospital Dermatology Deputy Chief Physician Gao Fei said that due to the recent high temperature in Changsha, when tourists play in outdoor swimming pools or water parks, the Areas of skin exposure, combined with sunlight reflection, are prone to acute sunburn.

The reporter learned from Changsha No. 1 Hospital that in summer, with the continuous high temperature in Changsha, the number of patients with photosensitive skin diseases is gradually increasing. It accounts for about 10% of the outpatient volume of the department. According to doctors, photosensitivity skin disease refers to an allergic symptom that occurs after exposure to the sun after exposure to photosensitive substances or oral administration of photosensitive drugs.

Gao Fei said that when exposed to the sun for about 15 minutes, the exposed skin may be sunburned, and the symptoms of sunburn usually take several hours to show slowly. Easy to hit.

If the sunburn is not serious, you can apply a large area of ​​ice compress with pure milk or normal saline. If the sunburn is severe, seek medical treatment in time.

The doctor reminds that in the hot weather in summer, the ultraviolet rays are strong between 10 am and 4 pm, and outdoor activities should be avoided as much as possible. Sunburn will not only cause system damage to the skin, but severe It may also lead to skin cancer. If you need to travel or work outdoors, you can use a sun umbrella, or wear sun protection clothing, sun protection sleeves, sunscreen, etc. for sun protection.

Mei Mei, reporter of Xiaoxiang Morning News

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