High blood sugar, can you “detect” after meals? Reminder: If you have these 5 symptoms, check your blood sugar in time

When the sugar content in the blood exceeds the standard, the most direct consequence is the induction of diabetes, and the most terrifying thing is the complications caused by this. Therefore, we must protect the health of blood vessels and control the stability of blood sugar.

Everyone thinks that complications of diabetes occur only when the arteries are hardened. In fact, in many cases, the microvascular lesions first occur, and these lesions may not be easy to know. Therefore, when the blood sugar is high, the After these situations occur, you must check your blood sugar in time.

If you have these 5 symptoms after a meal, check your blood sugar in time

1. Tired after a meal

Usually speaking, after the human body has obtained sufficient energy through eating, it should be fully revived and full of vitality, but when the function of pancreatic islets is damaged and there is a problem with the insulin secreted, it will cause blood The sugar in it cannot be absorbed and utilized in time.

The body will obtain energy from other sources and replenish energy by decomposing muscle and fat, so that muscle and fat are consumed in large quantities, and the body will feel tired.

2. Still hungry after a meal

You should not feel hungry immediately after a full meal Yes, if you feel hungry again one or two hours after eating, and your appetite increases, it means that your blood sugar may be on the high side. This is because the blood sugar in the body is not fully utilized, and the body does not get enough energy, which will make people feel hungry all the time.

3. Thirsty after a meal

It is usually normal to feel thirsty after a meal. But this situation can be solved just by drinking some water. If you often feel unbearably thirsty after meals and keep drinking water, then you have to be careful because your blood sugar is elevated.

This is because people with high blood sugar in the body will increase the osmotic pressure of the blood, which will lead to a lack of water in the body, so they will always feel thirsty.

4. Feeling sleepy after a meal

Everyone may have this feeling more or less, As soon as I finished eating, I felt sleepy and wanted to lie down and sleep for a while. This situation may be caused by eating too much food, causing a large influx of blood into the stomach, causing ischemia and hypoxia in the brain, resulting in drowsiness.

However, if you haven’t eaten too much, but you still feel sleepy and tired, it means that the blood sugar in your body has risen, causing the secretion of orexin to be inhibited, and the brain’s ability to produce If the supply is insufficient, there will always be a situation of sleepiness.

5. Urinating after meals

Urinating after meals is also normal, but if it is after meals Frequent urination is not normal. This is because when the blood sugar in the body rises, the human body will spontaneously initiate a protective effect, allowing the sugar and water to be excreted as soon as possible, which will cause frequent urination.

In addition to the increase in blood sugar and blood osmotic pressure, the body will be dehydrated and thirsty, and the water intake will increase, which will also lead to increased urination

If you find that your blood sugar is too high, you must first adjust your diet and eat less foods that are high in fat and sugar, such as cakes, desserts, fatty meat, animal offal, and roe. There are also many beverages sold on the market that have high sugar content, so drink less, and it is best to replace them with plain water.

You can also add herbs such as green pennywort, burdock root, mulberry leaf, cassia seed, pueraria root, chrysanthemum, lotus leaf, sea buckthorn, hawthorn, corn silk when drinking water The Qingqian Liu burdock tea is made to drink, which is very beneficial to lowering blood sugar, blood lipids, blood pressure and maintaining cardiovascular and cerebrovascular.

Secondly, stay up less and exercise more. Staying up late for a long time will disturb the body’s endocrine system, which will affect the metabolism of lipids and sugars, so it is best to fall asleep before 11 o’clock and ensure 7*8 hours of sleep every day. In addition to maintaining regular work and rest, you should also exercise properly, so as to control your weight and stabilize your blood sugar.

The last point is very important. Be sure to maintain a good mood. A good mood can not only help control blood sugar, but also help stabilize the body’s internal balance, so people in a good mood are more likely to live longer.