Heze Municipal Hospital: Traditional Chinese Medicine Assists Pregnancy and Childbirth

Qilu One Point reporter Ma Xueting correspondent Zhao Mengmeng

On the morning of April 14th, Ms. Jing and Mr. Wang made a special trip from Juye to the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Heze Municipal Hospital with their newborn baby in their arms, expressing their gratitude to Xu Huiying. Thanks to the director’s gratitude and gratitude, he handed over a pennant of “Danqing and Huatuo” in the hands of Director Xu Huiying. “Thank you Director Xu, your baby is already a month old! Thank you so much!”

It turns out that Ms. Jing and her husband Mr. Wang have been preparing for pregnancy for nearly two weeks. Years ago, but there was no movement in the stomach at all. For this reason, the two saw many famous doctors and used many remedies. The journey was arduous, and they were physically and mentally exhausted.

At the end of 2020, Ms. Jing, through the introduction of her colleagues who had successfully treated her pregnancy and childbirth in the municipal hospital, also found Xu Huiying, director of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Heze Municipal Hospital, to recuperate her body. In January 2021, Ms. Jing asked her husband to come along to receive Director Xu’s traditional Chinese medicine conditioning to help conceive. Finally, in June 2021, Ms. Jing successfully became pregnant, and on March 12, 2022, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy at full term in the obstetrics department of Heze Municipal Hospital, ending the “long-distance running” to prepare for pregnancy, and fulfilling the couple’s “good” dream of seeking a child!

Traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to the overall concept, syndrome differentiation and treatment, first to differentiate the six classics, then to differentiate the prescriptions and syndromes, to obtain the corresponding prescriptions and syndromes, and to correct the deviation of the body with the nature of the medicine , cure disease. The husband and wife are treated together, through the overall conditioning of traditional Chinese medicine, to regulate emotions, regulate Qi and blood, coordinate the functions of the viscera, balance yin and yang, and give full play to the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine in fertility and fertility!

In addition, the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Heze Municipal Hospital cooperates with traditional Chinese medicine to enhance the efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine, and widely develops a variety of suitable traditional Chinese medicine techniques, such as supervisor moxibustion, Ren moxibustion, navel moxibustion, lower abdominal moxibustion, ordinary acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine packaging Treatment, acupoint sticking therapy, traditional Chinese medicine steam bath, etc., are especially suitable for female infertility patients with fallopian tube factors and low ovarian function, so as to help the majority of infertile friends to realize their dreams of childbirth as soon as possible!