Hello in August: Summer is coming to an end, and the autumn wind will come

Time flies so fast, in a blink of an eye,

2022 is coming to 8

The heat wave is rolling in, and the summer heat is in full swing,

But as the saying goes, extremes must meet,

summer has reached its peak,

autumn, still Will it be far?


Wait for the wind to come.

Summer is in the sky, like a blazing sun,

so bright that people can’t look directly,

so hot that people want to escape.

Walking in this sunshine,

waiting for the wind to come,

Lightly blowing the corners of my clothes,

Mostly cool in an instant,

My heart also rippling and drifting far away.


Wait for the rain.

Hot summer, sultry days,

Just waiting for a rain,

wash away anxiety and bring coolness.

It’s not like the softness of spring, nor is it like the bleakness of autumn,

August rain is loud,

falls on lotus leaves, falls on bananas On the leaves,

falling on the eaves, falling on the ground,

crackle and sing wantonly.


Wait for night.

Lazy afternoon, drowsy,

I just want the sun to go down quickly,

stay till night,

Walking in the park and the roadside with your lover,

accompanied by the stars and the sound of insects,

reminiscing about the summer vacation of childhood,

Play unbridled,

Enjoy a better tomorrow together,

Leisure and comfort.


Wait for autumn.

Enthusiasm to the extreme,

The weather is starting to cool.

In the beginning of autumn,

cool wind, white dew falls, and cicadas chirping; , Heaven and earth began to be solemn, He Naideng.

Summer and autumn alternate, charming and affectionate,

If you reach the extreme, you will live in a cycle.

When I looked back, it was already cool in autumn.

Seize this summer, enjoy the moment,

Don’t leave regrets and hesitations.


Waiting for you.

The Cowherd and Weaver Girl finally look forward to it

the annual Qixi Festival Magpie Bridge meeting,

The tenderness is like water, and the good season is like a dream,

< p>As soon as the golden wind and jade dew meet, they will win but there are countless people in the world.

The Qixi Festival promises to hold hands,

Long and long, year after year.

A lover will eventually become a family,

Do not envy the mandarin duck or immortal.


Wait for happiness.

Walk through the rainy season,

There will be bright sunshine shining on you;

Walk through the mud,

There will definitely be a gurgling spring to call you,
Only by always believing in beauty,

can meet beauty.

Summer is coming to an end, and autumn will come,

Enjoy the moment, don’t miss the time,

With anticipation, wait for the flowers to bloom.

There is no turning back,

< p>The rest of my life will not come.


Grab the tail of summer,

Eat another iced fruit,

Drink another cool drink,

Watch the sunset, go for a cup of tea,

Do what you want,


Meet the people you meet,

to live up to this good time.


May you return to the heart of life ,

In Yunjuan Yunshuli,

to find happiness in the years.


May you Not afraid of the long years,

with the sun in the eyes,

smiles are all magnanimous.


May you not read the past, Don’t be afraid of the future,

As time goes by,

Open-minded, sincere and kind.


A splendid end of summer,

A plentiful beginning of autumn,

May you feel cool ,

with undiminished enthusiasm.


Hello, August!

May you be safe and happy, and get what you wish for,

Wait for the autumn to come, the autumn will come;

Waiting for you to come, you will come;

Waiting for happiness to come, happiness will come too!

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