Heartbeat warning, focus on romantic moments! The major brands of Qixi Festival limited “roll” out of the pattern

The Qixi Festival is entrusted with good wishes, which is rarely seen in the implicit expression of Chinese people. Many literati and writers in ancient and modern times swayed the beautiful love in the Qixi Festival. Time passes, but the beautiful love never fades away. When the Cowherd and Weaver Girl meet on the Magpie Bridge, they also witness the romantic appointment of couples.

With the romantic blessing, gifts that enhance the sense of atmosphere and happiness are also particularly important. Before the release of the Qixi Festival, the major brands released their own atmosphere-sensing items. It also makes people wonder what kind of tricks can be “rolled” for this year’s Qixi Festival?

Harry Winston

Love is visible

Love On Qixi Festival, Harry Winston launched a new HW Logo series necklace.

It is understood that there are three different styles of pendants this time, namely HW Logo series tsavorite and diamond necklace, sapphire and diamond necklace, ruby ​​and diamond necklace. The new HW Logo series necklace has been released in China on July 14, 2022 in limited quantities through the official applet.

Red Star News reporter found that the HW Logo series includes exquisite rings, bracelets The , pendant and earrings are designedin Harry Winston’s classic emerald-cut shape. Each pendant is made of 18K yellow gold, 18K rose gold or platinum, engraved with the brand’s initials “H” and “W”, and adorned with a round brilliant-cut diamond. Wear it alone or layer it with the rest of the collection, let your imagination run wild, in a variety of ways.

< span>Harry Winston HW Logo Collection Sapphire & Diamond Necklace, Ruby & Diamond Necklace


The Chinese Valentine’s Day is beautifully blooming

The love is in full bloom. DIOR launched special jewelry and watches for the Chinese Valentine’s Day, celebrating the festive season with romantic tones. Rose buds bloom gently, rubies linger around the neck to tell sweet dreams.


Chinese Valentine’s Day special edition necklace


< span>The Tanabata Special Watch

In addition, the reporter learned that Dior also presented the LUCKY DIOR limited series and the new DIOR JARDIN limited series. The LUCKY DIOR limited series is inspired by the charming starry sky, paying tribute to the romantic starry sky of Qixi Festival. The romantic constellations shine brightly in the starry sky, and the funny constellation prints bloom with interesting colors.

The DIOR JARDIN limited series is full of love for the Chinese Valentine’s Day with rose elements.

The blooming rose print lays out the garden of love, and the bright mint green is looming in the colorful prints to outline the interesting Tanabata fashion in the color balance. The romantic flower pattern is full of agility, and the subtle aesthetic details interweave with a modern and elegant style.


Romantic is from the heart to “cherish” and love is extraordinary

Long before the Qixi Festival became Chinese Valentine’s Day, this day is when traditional Chinese girls gather to admire the moon and pray to the sky to become more ingenious day. During the Qixi Festival, folk activities such as piercing the moon and casting a needle to test skill, not only reflect the elegant and delicate style and behavior of Chinese women, but also reflect the subtleties of the broad and profound Chinese culture.

LANVIN is launching the “Jin” Heart Capsule Collection for this festive season. It is reported that the series covers ready-to-wear, handbags, shoes and accessories. Dating back to the 1920s, LANVIN stood out with bold color schemes and innovative decorative techniques, embellishing dresses with ribbons, embroidery, and pearls, showing exquisite tailoring and sophisticated structure. The new capsule collection, The classic elements of the brand are reinterpreted with love, bringing a new look to LANVIN’s classic handbags and accessories series, presenting a heartfelt gift of “precious”.

In addition, the brand also launched the “Zhen” Heart Capsule series of Qixi interactive games to find the unique source of Chinese folk culture Inspiration, the iconic elements of fashion and accessories, as well as the classic genetic design of the LANVIN brand, are integrated with the Qixi Festival folk customs. With the latter’s ingenious setting, it is more interesting and creative to help the audience familiarize themselves with the capsule series and LANVIN brand culture. .

The main visual of the applet consists of a series of delicate illustrations with obvious decorative style. The color scheme also pays homage to the visual style that was popular in the early 20th century when Madame Jeanne Lanvin founded the fashion house. The interactive game section is equipped with gravity-sensing digital technology. The audience can refer to the operation prompts, check the screen or flip or tilt the mobile phone, and then operate the “Golden Needle” to interact with LANVIN’s classic design elements such as pearls and daisies, and decrypt the design of the capsule series. Ingenious.


AI spreads love, love has new ideas

Praise for the Qixi Festival, July From the 18th, Balenciaqa will sell Qixi 22 series products in offline stores, the brand’s official website, Tmall mall and the brand’s WeChat applet. The brand simultaneously launched a tailor-made advertising campaign, shot by photographer Andrea Artemisio (Andrea Artemis), including video and print works. In the picture, the physical robot developed and manufactured by the British Engineered Arts company wears the items in this series, showing romance and love in the interaction.

This limited series includes 100% organic cotton baseball cap, top, trousers and shorts, 100% organic silk shirt and shorts, classic cut jacket made from 100% recycled polyester. As well as limited edition swimwear, Runner sneakers, Triple S sneakers, Knife pumps, slippers, Hourglass bags and BB Icon jewelry. In addition, a variety of limited editions such as plush, full diamonds, love prints, luminous effects, pink and red designs pay tribute to the brand’s classic iconic elements, color schemes and materials, highlighting the love, fun and sincerity. Festive atmosphere.

Tiffany&Co. Tiffany

What color is your love

Blue is the Color of Love, “My love is a touch of blue, what color is your love?

Tiffany T Smile series, as one of Tiffany’s iconic works, sublimates charming smiles with artistic language and freezes every beauty. Moment. The reporter learned that the new Qixi Festival limited edition Tiffany T Smile necklace interprets the classic design with interesting colors, and integrates the romantic amethyst into the simple lines, showing a different charm.

The global limited edition Tiffany T Smile amethyst necklace for Chinese Valentine’s Day, with an exclusive blue box to reflect the unique heart, romantic interpretation of Blue is the Color of Love, let this touch of blue, Declare your love words.

Love is being passed on, dissolving each other’s temptation and shyness, and precipitating affection. Everything The gift of love is not only an expression of one’s heart, but also a testimony of a good time.

Red Star News reporter Zhang Yuhou Peiyang