Health products harvest young people, 5 explosive IQ taxes, how many have you won?

How many people

I usually hesitate to buy new clothes for a long time

As soon as you see

Words like this will not work

Paying the bills by paying the bills


so more and more young people

become the main consumer of health care products

< /p>

Celebrity endorsements


no longer invite some masters to advertise


But invite idols and stars that are more familiar to young people

Their audience is generally 18-30 years old

The powerful appeal has made many fans

learn to give themselves< strong>Create demand

They know you stay up late, eat irregularly, and don’t exercise< /strong>

Sell a wave of anxiety first

Finally call health supplements a lifesaver< /p>

As long as you eat, you can restore your body condition

Precisely hit the key points of young people’s lazy health

Rejuvenation of products

Some products will also work hard on packaging< /span>

The big, black and thick medicine jars disappeared

replaced by delicate and cute little box packaging< /p>

snack it /p>

is to allow you to use health care products anytime, anywhere

no psychological burden

>Understand the routine

Let’s see the real dry goods

protein powder

healthy adult span>The protein you need

can be fully met by daily meals


1 bag of 250ml fresh milkor the same amount of yogurt or soy milk< /p>

Adding 1 egg, 150g lean meat, 100-150g soy products

can satisfy ordinary daily needs

If you are Fitness group

1.6-2.0g protein per kilogram of body weight

Only in your daily protein intake

Protein supplementation should be considered only when the body’s needs cannot be met

< /p>

If you are a teen

it is not recommended to abuse protein powder

Protein that protein powder can provide

is only part of the overall nutrition

it neither can nor Should not substitute other nutrients

Conversely, eating large amounts of protein powder

may be harmful to the child’s tender kidneys and liver

Causes a serious burden

sleep gummies

There are three main sleep aid ingredients in sleep sugar on the market

melatonin, GABA and herbal ingredients

The most popular is GABA gummy

GABA It is a non-protein amino acid

with physiological regulation functions such as lowering blood pressure and promoting sleep

< p>

The normal human brain can secrete enough GABA

but if its concentration is low< /span>

May cause insomnia, anxiety, restlessness, tiredness, etc.

< /p>

Users’ opinions often appear in the comments. /span>

So is it really useful?

Actually GABA sleep sugar as a health food

no clear effect on improving sleep

This is why different people say it differently


this type of sleep sugar is not easy to produce dependence Sex

Because it is not a psychotropic drug

Some patients express dependence and cannot withdraw p>

mainly psychological effect


B vitamins

If you are a long-term vegetarian

or severe stomach problems

B vitamins should be supplemented appropriately

< p>

If you eat takeaway

The menu is single, mostly refined grains< /span>

and there is a lack of B vitamins

such as beriberi, cheilitis, Chapped lips,

anemia, dermatitis, loss of appetite, depressionetc. p>

recommended to go to hospital for blood test p>

And take it under the guidance of a doctor

As for others, in general

Daily meals can meet the needs of B vitamins through a reasonable diet


Many people work and play while overdrawing their bodies


Just thinking about the liver protection tablets to offset the damage

The main ingredient of these liver protection tablets is silymarin strong>

It does have a recovery effect on liver diseases such as alcoholic fatty liver

so It is also used in clinical practice

but not suitable for ordinary people< /p>

If your liver is healthy

There is no need to take special health supplements

Abusing it will increase the burden on the liver

< span>

If you really want to be good for your liver

It’s better to sleep regularly, eat regularly, and reduce smoking every day Less alcohol



To say that the health products that are popular among young people

Coenzyme Q10 is absolutely indispensable

Can protect the heartanti-aging and improve immunity

This is exactly what young people who stay up late need

CoQ10 has two main functions

Although there are relevant studies to prove it

CoQ10may help reduce

deaths from cardiovascular disease

But it has never been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration to treat diseases

Total For example, CoQ10 still lacks

large sample, multi-center, high-quality experimental data

and lack of research on its safety

instead Study Finds

Overdose of oxidantsMay lead to ‘pro-oxidative state’

Accelerates skin aging, causes chronic fatigue, etc.

width img>

If you don’t have a heart attack

It’s just fatigue due to lack of rest

No need to supplement additional CoQ10

Good sleep is the best “Health Products”


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