[Health Information Bureau] Can liver and kidney cysts become cancerous? Listen to what doctors say

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< p>With the popularization of health examination concept

and the popularization of ultrasound, CT, MRI and other imaging examinations

The term “cyst”

increasingly Enter the common people’s field of vision

When the word “cyst” appears in the medical report

Many people associate cysts with tumors

So what are cysts< /p>

what’s the harm

what to do with it


[What to watch in this issue] What should I do if the liver and kidney cysts are found in the physical examination?

【Experts in this issue】

David, Beijing Hospital Ultrasound Director of Medicine. Doctor of Medicine, Postdoctoral Fellow, Chief Physician, Master Supervisor.

He has been engaged in clinical, scientific research and teaching of ultrasound medicine for more than 20 years. Good at ultrasound-guided biopsy of liver, kidney, thyroid and breast tumors, superficial lymph nodes, ultrasound-guided percutaneous microwave ablation for thyroid, parathyroid and breast tumors, cervical lymph node metastases, ultrasound-guided Maimo Treatment of breast tumors through minimally invasive atherectomy.

Published more than 40 articles. Participated in the preparation of 1 academic monograph. He has won 4 hospital-level medical technology innovation awards and 3 hospital-level scientific research achievement awards.

He is currently a member of the Ultrasound Branch of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association and a member of the Standing Committee of the Interventional Committee, a member of the China Medical Imaging Technology Research Association, a member of the Expert Committee of the Beijing Ultrasound Medical Quality Control and Improvement Center, and the Beijing Medical Doctor Association Thyroid Disease Expert Committee Member, member of the Standing Committee of the Health Management Committee of the Beijing Society for the Prevention and Treatment of Breast Diseases, and member of the Professional Committee of Thyroid Cancer of the Beijing Society for the Prevention and Treatment of Cancer.