He was diagnosed with liver cancer at the age of 35. There were many “abnormal signals” a few years before the onset, but he ignored it.

A patient admitted this morning, Mr. Luo, 35 years old, was diagnosed with primary liver cancer; I really have mixed feelings about this.

From the inspection report, he has a history of hepatitis B infection, but when communicating and understanding the situation, he said that he is not particularly uncomfortable. In order to make a living, he has been working hard. During the day, he often sits in the company for a whole day. At night, he often works overtime until late at night. He said: “I feel very tired, but I just can’t sleep. Even if I fall asleep, it is easy to wake up. .”

At the beginning, he was worried about the cause of hepatitis B. Later, he went to the local hospital for examination. The doctor told him that the liver function of the carrier was normal and no treatment was needed. After that, he gradually relaxed his vigilance. In addition, the inspections for several consecutive years were all right, and then I didn’t care about it anymore. After the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, the company’s business was affected, and the performance pressure was very high. For the sake of Dora’s business, it often accompanies customers to eat and drink. Although he knew that drinking alcohol had an impact on hepatitis B, the pressure of car loans, mortgages, and children’s tuition made him overwhelmed, and he really gave up for money.

Long-term high-pressure exertion caused subtle changes in Mr. Luo’s body. He woke up frequently at night, and his calf would cramp in the middle of the night. I went to the pharmacy to buy calcium tablets and multivitamins because of calcium deficiency, but it did not improve after eating.

“The symptoms of abdominal pain, dizziness, and vomiting only appeared last month.” He said, “It was dragged on by work, and I couldn’t take it any longer. I came here today, and I didn’t expect it. This is the result.”

I feel both sympathy and regret after listening to his experience. In recent years, the incidence of liver cancer has become more and more frequent and younger, which has a lot to do with our living habits. Drinking alcohol Smoking, improper diet, staying up late looking at mobile phones, mental stress, stressful life, overwork, taking medicine indiscriminately and other factors can easily lead to liver problems. In addition, a history of hepatitis B virus infection in the past is more likely to lead to cancer.

Here, when I mention this case again, I want to tell the liver friends that the body will send out some “signals” before cancer comes. Everyone should carefully capture these “signals”. Many liver cancers are avoidable. For example, if there are “signals” such as insomnia, dreaminess, easy waking up, grinding teeth, frequent waking up at night, calf cramps and other “signals” during sleep, it is necessary to check the liver in time, especially those who have a history of liver disease in the past. Don’t just check the liver function alone, it is better to do a systematic check, because normal liver function does not mean that the disease has not progressed. Clinically, many liver cancer patients have normal liver function before the onset of the disease. I hope everyone will pay attention to it.