Hawthorn and aspirin can’t be eaten together? You must know these “horrible” cold knowledge

Traditional Chinese medicine should have these principlesprinciples of using Chinese medicine In addition to the use of single herbs to achieve the purpose of treatment, the rest of the combination of medicinal materials to achieve a comprehensive treatment purpose must pay attention to the principle of compatibility of the seven emotions of traditional Chinese medicine. These seven emotions are mainly divided into the part that is beneficial to treatment by compatibility. In the process of mixing traditional Chinese medicine, use as many Chinese medicines as possible. Drug “Seven Emotions”For example: “Shi” is a combination method that can enhance the therapeutic effect of drugs, and “fear each other and kill each other” can reduce the toxicity of the drug itself through drug compatibility. There is also a part that is harmful to the treatment, which should be avoided as much as possible in the compatibility. For example, “mutual evil” can reduce the therapeutic effect of the drug, and “contrary” can cause the drug to produce toxic side effects or increase toxicity. So in the process of using traditional Chinese medicine, should avoid the situation of “mutual evil” and “opposite”. “Eighteen Fears” and “Nineteen Fears” Explain the incompatibility of traditional Chinese medicines. “Eighteen Antis” mainly lists three groups of opposite drugs, while “Nineteen Fears” mentions ten pairs of drugs that should not be used together. Of course, each academic school of Chinese medicine has different views, so under the guidance of some theories, some experts will use the “eighteen anti” and “nineteen fear” drugs to treat some special diseases. For diseases or incurable diseases, people still have to follow the doctor’s orders for medication, and do not try it without authorization. These medicines cannot be used in combination 1. Violation of the “Eighteen Antis” principle: Dahuoluodan, Ginseng Zaizaiwan, etc. Can not be used with Chuanbei Loquat Dew, Tongxuan Lifei Pill; Kening capsules are used together. 2. Violation of the “Nineteen Fears” principle: < span> Gallbladder and stone-relieving tablets cannot be used in the same way as Suhexiang Pills and Chunyang Zhengqi Pills. 3. /span>Dahuoluodan cannot be used together with Tianma Pills, both drugs contain aconite, which will increase the toxicity ;Cinnabar Anshen Pill cannot be used together with Tianwang Buxin Dan, both medicines contain cinnabar, which will increase the toxicity. 4. Syndromes are contraindicated: Fuzi Lizhong Pill cannot be used Used together with Niuhuang Jiedu Tablets, the two drugs are one for warming Chinese medicine and the other for clearing away heat, which cannot be used in combination; Jinguishen Qi Pills cannot be used together with Niuhuang Jiedu Tablets. One of the two drugs is a kidney-yang-tonifying drug and the other is a heat-clearing drug, which cannot be used in combination. ims=60 >This kind of Chinese medicine and these western medicines cannot be used in combination< /strong>1. Calcium-containing Chinese medicines: Chinese medicines: gypsum, keel, cold water< /span>Shi et al.Chinese patent medicine:Niuhuang Shangqing Pill, Wuji Baifeng Pill, Mingmu Shangqing Pills, etc.cannot be used together with digitalis such as digoxin and cedilan, which will enhance the toxicity;cannot be used with phosphate, The use of sulfate drugs together will cause precipitation and reduce the efficacy.2. Alkaline drugs: Traditional Chinese Medicine:Sea octopus, saponin, etc.Chinese patent medicine:Stomach pain powder, Hongling Powder, Jianyong Powder, etc.cannot be used together with aspirin and sodium p-aminosalicylate, which will make the drug decompose ineffective;cannot be used with isoniazid, phenobarbital, etc. Use together with the drug will reduce the absorption rate of the drug; Cannot be used with quinine and other drugs, it will promote the excretion of the drug from the urine and reduce the required concentration; Can not be used with quinidine When used together, it will increase the blood concentration and cause poisoning. 3. Acidic drugs:Chinese medicine:Schisandra, hawthorn, ebony, purs Amaranth, papaya, etc.Chinese patent medicines:Anshen Buxin Pill, Hawthorn Pill, Wumei Pill, Schisandra Pill, Baohe Pill, etc. Cannot be used with aminoglycosides such as erythromycin and kanamycin, which will reduce the efficacy of the drug;Can not be used with aluminum hydroxide and aminophylline, which will neutralize the drug Cannot be used together with aspirin, it will aggravate renal toxicity; Cannot be used together with sulfonamides, it will lead to crystalline hematuria. 4. Drugs containing ephedrine: Chinese medicine:Ephedra, etc.Chinese patent medicines:Zhike Dingchuan Pills, Ginseng Zaizao Pills, Compound Chuanbei Jing Tablets, Maxing Shigan Syrup, etc. span>Cannot be used together with aminophylline, which will lead to increased drug toxicity;Cannot be used together with epinephrine, it will increase the efficacy of the drug and increase blood pressure; Can not be used with isoniazid, it will increase side effects such as excitement. : Chinese medicine:ginseng, rhubarb, peach kernel, aconite, aconite, deer antler products, etc. Chinese patent medicines:Ginseng Guipi Pills, Bazhenwan, Longdan Xiegan Pills, Qingqi Huatan Pills, Relieving Cough Huatan Pills, Maren Pills, etc. Cannot be used with codeine, morphine and other drugs at the same time, it will aggravate the effect of anesthesia and inhibit breathing;Cannot Concurrent use with hypoglycemic drugs will increase blood sugar;Cannot be used with cardiotonic drugs, which will accumulate drug effects and increase drug toxicity. p>

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