Have you ever wondered what is the reason for the failure of treatment of polycystic? Not because of these..

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a common endocrine chronic disease with common clinical manifestations For irregular menstruation, hirsutism, acne, obesity, infertility, etc. Many people seek effective treatments. But there doesn’t seem to be much change for the polycystic situation, which starts to go into a negative state. What are the causes of treatment failure in polycystic patients?

The following problems may be the reason for your failure to treat polycystic


Three days of fishing and two days of drying nets. This is a more important point for polycystic disease. Many patients with polycystic disease do not persist to the end, resulting in little improvement in the condition of polycystic disease. Therefore, for the conditioning of polycystic disease, you must persevere. Only by persevering to the end, you can to succeed.

Simple menstrual conditioning. PCOS patients are mostly menstrual disorders, oligomenorrhea. Therefore, many patients think that normal menstruation can lead to pregnancy, so they have been using artificial cycle drugs or monthly progesterone to make menstrual cramps. This treatment method is only suitable for patients without fertility requirements, and patients with fertility requirements should choose drug ovulation induction therapy. In addition, “normal” menstruation regulated by hormones is only a superficial phenomenon, and most people will return to their previous state after stopping the drug.

Heavy treatment and light examination. The causes of polycystic disease are complex and diverse, so when treating, it is necessary to formulate a treatment method on the basis of determining the cause, otherwise it will not only cost a lot of money, but also may lead to a series of adverse reactions, delaying the best treatment time.

Treatment was inconsistent. Treatment for polycystic ovary syndrome is a long-term process. Therefore, during the treatment, do not stop the drug at will. The use and withdrawal of medicines should be carried out under the guidance of a professional doctor.

Only focus on drug treatment and ignore other pathogenic factors. Some patients only pay attention to taking medicines and do not adjust them in other aspects, which may easily lead to ineffective treatment effects. For example, working night shifts, or staying up late, irregular work and rest, greedy for cold, taking cold drinks, wearing excessively thin clothes, causing the body to catch cold. There are also excessive dieting, excessive exercise, and excessive weight loss caused by the decline of the body’s disease resistance. Regular use of contraceptives, study, work stress and general mental stress can also cause the disease to occur or aggravate the disease.

Blindly stimulate ovulation. Ovulation induction drugs must be taken under the guidance of a doctor, and must not be used blindly. The promotion of excretion needs to consider all aspects of the body at the same time, such as whether there is abnormal metabolism, whether there is insulin resistance, whether there is impaired glucose tolerance, abnormal lipid metabolism, whether the androgen level is normal, etc.

Believe in traditional Chinese medicine or western medicine. In fact, there are obvious individual characteristics of polycystic in the treatment. Some common treatments may not work well in some patients. Therefore, the choice of treatment method in polycystic treatment should be based on the principle of self-applicability, and not blindly believe.

Recipe recommendation for polycystic conditioning

【Recipe for Guishen Stew Hen]

1 tender hen slaughtered alive, take the chicken, cut it into pieces, add 15 grams of angelica body, 30 grams of codonopsis

Add 10 grams of ginger and 10 grams of ginger into the stew pot, add an appropriate amount of boiling water, a little shochu, cover the stew pot, simmer over water for 3-4 hours, season, eat chicken and drink soup.

Function: Nourishes qi and nourishes blood, regulates menstruation. Indications for blood deficiency and qi deficiency type polycystic ovary syndrome. Symptoms include delayed menstruation, less menstrual flow, pale color, pale complexion, dizziness, palpitations or postpartum blood deficiency dizziness.

【White Pigeon Turtle Armor Soup】

1 white pigeon dehaired and viscera , 50 grams of turtle shells are broken and put into the belly of white pigeon, add 1 liter of water into the pot with

. Eat meat and drink soup, 1 times/day.

Function: Mainly treat polycystic ovary syndrome of liver-kidney yin deficiency type, symptoms include oligomenorrhea, delayed arrival, sore waist and knees, hot flashes in the afternoon , Warm hands and feet, night sweats, irritability, insomnia and dreams.

The above content is for understanding and reference only. Please refer to the doctor’s guidance for specific treatment methods..

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