Harvard study: 29 characteristics of people who will live past 90!

Recently, several different research institutes in the United States and Europe have been tracking longevity people living everywhere.

Combining their findings, people over the age of 90 share the following 29 common characteristics:

1. Go to a doctor

Infrequent hospital visits.

2. take medicine

Lifetime total drug use (including nutritional drugs) is well below average.

3. Medical history

Most do not suffer from long-term serious illness in young adulthood.

4. How much you eat

In general, there are few, but moderate snacks are not excluded.

5. Nutrition

The diet is high in protein, low in fat, light, not partial, with a focus on variety, and willing to try new foods.

6. Drinking

Not all alcohol. Those who have this habit, just have a drink. There was no long-term history of alcoholism.

7. Smoking

The vast majority do not currently smoke, nor do they smoke much, are not addicted, and prefer to use pipes.

8. Having tea

Most of them started drinking tea from a young age and have maintained it to this day.

9. Work and rest

The vast majority have the habit of going to bed early and getting up early.

10. Sleep time: On average 6 to 7.5 hours, and stable, sometimes more and less. Most do not have a midday nap.

11. Exercise

Categories vary widely, but stay consistent; and enjoy being outdoors more.

12. Physiology The physiology

Most have the following five characteristics:

1) Body: Medium. Average height: male: 171 cm, female: 157 cm.

2) Weight: Not too heavy or too light, and changes little with age.

3) Muscles: good relaxation;

4) Skin: more elastic;

5) Grip strength: strong and durable.

13. Mental health

Few people have Alzheimer’s disease.

14. Brain Intelligence

Discrimination, cognition, logic, memory, and expression decline more slowly, and they consciously exercise and strengthen these abilities.

15. Retirement

Most people are around age 65. Those who retire prematurely do not live longer.

16. Foster care

Fewer people live in nursing homes all year round.

17. Appearance

Focus on dress, appearance, manners, personal attire, and home cleanliness, not luxury, but self-appreciation.

18. Independence

Most tend to be self-reliant, autonomous, and self-reliant, subjectively and objectively less dependent on the environment, children, relatives and friends.

19. Experience

Most have experienced adventure and hardship in their past lives, especially as young adults.

20. Depression

Many people experience depression in their 50s and 60s, but then they can adjust to a new life.

21. Nostalgia for Nostalgia

Most people have cherished, nostalgic and beautiful feelings about the old days, but they do not lament that the past is not as good as the past, nor do they want to go back to the past, but are more willing to live in Changeable, colorful present.

22. Social social contact

Have a stable, appropriate, relatively harmonious, and relatively close circle of partners, families, and friends.

23. Chat

I like to chat with acquaintances and even strangers, and even gossip, but generally do not keep it in mind and do not tell lies.

24. Dialectical thinking

Being able to see the good and the good in situations that many people think are bad. Don’t go to the horns.

25. Adaption

When the environment changes, they can adjust their attitudes and practices in time, and have strong adaptability.

26. Bring forth new ideas

Have a strong interest in understanding and participating in current affairs, new knowledge, and surrounding things, and work hard to do it.

27. character

Optimistic, cheerful, with a sense of humour and a lot of laughter. Peaceful, worry-free, and less quarrelsome.

28. Pragmatic

It is easy to feel satisfied and fulfilled, not to compare with others, and to know how to enjoy the happy days that are present and present.

29. Life and death

Not so concerned about death and worried about it. Live a day, live a day; live a year, live a year.

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