Hangzhou Meilai Stomatological Hospital: Three steps to “anti-aging” teeth, oral age is the key

When it comes to anti-aging, where is everyone’s attention?

Facial? neck? Or the hand?

In fact, in addition to these clichéd skin parts, oral age is also an aspect that requires our special attention.

At the same time as skin care/nursing care, don’t miss these oral age reminders~

1. Teeth Color

Usually, aging, daily wear and tear, or changes in tooth permeability, will make our teeth color change to varying degrees.

With the increase of age, the continuous wear and tear of the teeth will make the yellowish dentin penetrate, and some substances entering the enamel will also slow down the enamel metabolism and reduce the permeability.

If you want to solve the problem of tooth color, you can choose tooth whitening, veneer, etc.

2. Gums Recession

In addition to pathological factors, gingival recession is also common in some middle-aged and elderly people, showing a development trend that the incidence rate increases with age.

In addition, in the young group, the excessive accumulation of dental plaque will also cause the gums to shrink. This type of periodontal damage will gradually spread in the oral cavity with age. Pay attention to handling.

3. Tooth pain

From the perspective of the structure of the tooth, the surface of the tooth root is covered with cementum , the crown surface is covered with enamel.

When the tooth brushing force is too strong, or there are other external factors, the cementum will be worn out, thereby exposing the dentinal tubules, which will increase the discomfort of the teeth under the stimulation of cold and heat.

Three steps for teeth “anti-aging”

Unlike the skin, the mouth is in a semi-closed environment Insufficient cleaning can easily lead to periodontal problems.

In order to prevent excessive mineral loss/inadequate cleaning, we can avoid excessive intake of sugar/acidic foods in our daily life.

Daily cleaning is also an important part of keeping your teeth healthy.

In addition to brushing your teeth in the morning and evening, and developing the habit of regular teeth cleaning, we must also master the correct brushing posture to prevent useless efforts.

You can look for the “Papanic Brushing” method~

Keeping good teeth Physical examination habits.

Regular oral exams and cleanings are also essential.

Especially when we notice abnormal performance in our oral cavity or periodontium, we should seek medical treatment in time to control the damage to a small extent.

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