Handle reconsideration cases with high quality and explore the establishment of a diversified resolution mechanism for administrative disputes

The Justice Bureau of Hexigten Banner, Chifeng City looks for breakthroughs in three key points: the number of cases, the quality of reconsideration, and the timeliness of handling, and strives to provide services, efficiency, and intelligence. The ideal mode of reconsideration is striding forward.

increase the relative volume of cases and reduce the overall number of cases received. On the one hand, efforts should be made to increase the relative number of administrative reconsideration cases, and strive to achieve that the number of administrative reconsideration cases is greater than the number of administrative litigation cases and petition complaints, and give full play to the role of administrative reconsideration as the main channel in the multi-dispute resolution system. On the other hand, efforts are made to reduce the overall number of administrative reconsideration cases received. On the basis of giving full play to administrative reconsideration to filter lawsuits and to divert some petition cases, move forward the administrative reconsideration supervision gate, focus on the source of administrative disputes to resolve risks, and use strict and standardized administrative law enforcement behaviors. Solve the problem of the high total number of administrative reconsideration cases received, and achieve the goal of litigation source governance.

Strengthen the quality of case trial and explore “polyphonic docking”. In recent years, the Keqi Judicial Bureau has insisted on opening the door to handle cases, and has deeply understood the causes of conflicts through various methods such as “written trial”, “hearing trial” and “investigation trial”, and formed a substantive solution plan to avoid administrative Dispute resolution procedures are idling. At the same time, the Keqi Judicial Bureau actively explored the new idea of ​​“reconciliation and reconsideration”, and comprehensively used the “three-adjustment and linkage” method of reconsideration mediation, administrative mediation and people’s mediation, and made concerted efforts to form a linkage pattern and effectively make administrative reconsideration a way to resolve administrative disputes. “Regulator”.

The time limit for handling cases is shortened, and the express train for reconsideration and rights protection is opened. Since the reform of the administrative reconsideration system, Keqi has strictly promoted the realization of “one-stop external” in the whole process of administrative reconsideration work, effectively solving the problem of multiple and multiple reconsideration applicants. On this basis, the application of administrative reconsideration cases shall be adhered to the principle of receiving what is due and receiving as it is received. Except for major and difficult cases, fast trial and fast settlement shall be implemented. On the premise of ensuring the quality of case handling, the time limit for case handling shall be shortened as much as possible. The trial will not be suspended or postponed without legal reasons, so that administrative disputes will change from “hanging in the air” to “falling on the ground” as soon as possible, and truly achieve “reconsideration for the people, and set points to stop disputes”.

From 2021 to the present, there have been 6 administrative reconsideration cases in Hexigten Banner, with a 100% closure rate. KexigtenThe Bureau of Justice of the Banner always adheres to the concept of “what the masses call, reconsideration responds”, and finds the right entry for judicial administrative services We will give full play to the advantages of the system of efficient and convenient administrative reconsideration, and earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the people.

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